Cloud Multi-Channel Have you considered the cloud for your contact center? Perhaps you have but have dismissed it as not achievable. You have data that needs to be stored on-premise due to legal or regulatory restrictions; applications that are heavily integrated with other premises that can’t be easily redirected to the cloud, or existing premises investments which you are continuing to depreciate. However perhaps you should think again about how you can leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Today, it’s not enough to simply have the “right” technology to keep your contact center operations at peak efficiency. Minimizing the cost of deploying and managing your contact center infrastructure is just as critical to the success of your business. Design, acquisition, and support all add costs in both real dollars and organizational frustration.

Whether you are a small business, midsize business, or a large multi-national organization, you now can deploy your contact center in a pure Cloud or Hybrid Cloud model (on-Premise and Cloud) and improve customer experience.

Why so optimistic? Let’s look at some of the reasons:

  • The Cloud is no longer bleeding edge – primed for enormous growth and widespread adoption – recent research indicates that 84 percent of small and mid-size companies and 69 percent of large companies are willing to consider, currently reviewing or already using software-as-service (SaaS) solutions.
  • It can save you money – when you bring in a cloud service you immediately increase your organizational headcount, at only a fraction of the cost. The IT personnel, customer experience experts, and administrative staff that the Cloud service includes are now available to you.
  • It brings in industry expertise – SaaS providers focus on operational efficiency. Your success is their success and the right vendors have the ability to bring years of experience across thousands of contact centers to bear when helping you make the right decisions for how to most effectively operate your contact center.
  • It can improve your availability – it can be very expensive to deploy optimal high availability and disaster recovery capabilities with a premises-based solution. With the cloud you are working with an organization that is dedicated to ensuring that the overall system is maximized to meet your service levels.
  • You can pay as you go – more and more companies are gravitating toward cloud-based services and OPEX rather than CAPEX as an investment model. With no on-premises servers to maintain, total cost of ownership can be far less than installed software, so it’s easier to budget and scale as you add users and services.

What does Cloud Contact Center mean to you?

  • If you have an existing Contact Center, Cloud is great way to extend your current investment with new capabilities or to simplify your migration strategy to the next release of your solution.
  • If you are creating your contact center, you can deploy your core solution on-premises and use Cloud where it fits or start in full Cloud from day one.

What are the Cloud services for Contact Center?

Depending on your Cloud solution vendor, Cloud can deliver advanced capabilities such as self-service IVR, proactive communications, blended interactions across any channel such as chat and email, mobile engagement, workforce optimization, and analytics.

  • Inbound Contact Center – deliver world-class service through differentiated contact center service. Adapt your solution to match your business needs without compromising on features. Deliver highly personalized context aware Self-Service that hands-off seamlessly and intelligently to an agent when needed.
  • Proactive Communication – run your outbound campaigns from the cloud and achieve your business objectives like proactive customer service, debt recovery or telesales.
  • Mobile – change your customer relationship through a mobile application that can provide direct access to an agent when needed.
  • Digital – meet your customers on the channel of their choice: social, email, chat, web etc.
  • Speech Analyticsanalyze interactions to gain insights into customer conversations to better manage your staff and optimize the customer experience.
  • Workforce Management use powerful and tightly integrated tools with your contact center platform to maximize agent efficiency and effectiveness.

If you have a contact center system in place, can you augment it with options from the cloud to strengthen your current capabilities?

Some Cloud solutions allow you to leverage multiple mix-and-match options such as “ACD on premise – IVR in the cloud” or “Mobile extension” and you can “Bring your own carrier” when needed.

The reality is that any business can now benefit from an all-in-one contact center solution. We’ve bundled our software with pre-defined strategies and reports based on best practices gained through our two decades of worldwide experience and given you a new choice, your place or ours – on premises or from the cloud. Interested to learn more?  Watch and learn!


Remy Claret

Remy Claret

Remy Claret, Product Marketing Director at Genesys, has over 15 years of experience in Customer Experience Management. He has worked in a variety of strategic roles in his career including Product Marketing, Sales Engineering and Business Consulting. Prior to joining...