enterprise-connect-2015-900x600“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  – William Arthur Ward

Where exactly are the great CX teachers? Enterprise Connect 2016, taking place March 7-10 in Orlando, will be one of the year’s largest classrooms for our industry. Thought leaders, analysts, and technology innovators will assemble next week for in-depth sessions and the opportunity to share their perspectives on customer experience best practices. And I am excited for the Genesys participation as both a teacher and student.

Trying to keep up with the rapid innovation of technology is daunting, but it makes for an exciting conversation in the Enterprise Connect Contact Center track. This year we lean in on the subject of the customer journey and the solutions that support an optimal experience today and in the future. Central to that discussion will be the shift to omnichannel, which is quickly becoming the new reality for dedicated CX. Industry insiders know the term well and associate it with the delivery of a consistent and seamless customer experience. It sounds so enticing, but many still ask, what does it actually look like?

Customer Engagement at its Best

Come join us at Booth #609 for a first-hand look at an Omnichannel Customer Experience. Take part in a demo and tour the possibilities of our best-in-class omnichannel engagement center solution.  Observing how  omnichannel manages the lifecycle of a customer journey could be the defining moment in your customer experience education.

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Not attending the event? Take the Omnichannel Challenge today!

Genesys Panels at Enterprise Connect

This year we have Genesys speakers on two panels offering insights on the contact center market, the future of customer experience, and the technologies that support the growing demands of the customer experience.  Below are details on the sessions, as well as related blogs that provide more insights into these topics.

Contact Center Market Update & Executive Forum
Genesys Panelist: Scott Kolman, Vice President of Portfolio Marketing
Host: Sheila McGee-Smith, Principal, McGee-Smith Analytics
Date & Time: Monday, March 7 from 9:00am – 10:45am
Location: Sun B

In this session, leading contact center analyst, Sheila McGee-Smith, will begin with an overview of some of today’s hottest technology trends, including HTML5 agent applications, Skype for Business integration, cloud use, and context services, and then share how contact center solution providers are addressing these trends with new and existing software. You will get a thorough understanding of where next-generation contact center technology is heading, and become familiar with the established and emerging players shaping this market.

Blog Recommendation:  From Switchboards to Omnichannel: The Evolution of the Contact Center

Managing the Customer Journey
Genesys Panelist: Christopher Connolly, Global Director of Digital Solution Strategy
Host: Sheila McGee-Smith, Principal, McGee-Smith Analytics
Date & Time:  Wednesday, March 9 from 8:00am-8:45am
Location: Osceola B

Traditionally contact center software has been about managing interactions. A phone call comes in, you answer it. An email is sent, you respond.  Today’s customer, however, typically starts their journey to a purchase or problem resolution on a website. They’ve taken several steps already to resolve their issue and think you should know that. Customer journey management is a fresh way at looking at customer service and support that relies on new technologies for capturing customer events from multiple sources, predicting what customers want when they call into a center or walk into a store, and either presenting self-service alternatives or arming the agent with processes that allow the customer to complete the journey.

Blog Recommendation:  Moving From Random to Designed Customer Journeys

A Tale of Two Partners at Enterprise Connect

Genesys and Microsoft – Delivering a Best-in-Class Omnichannel Customer Experience Speakers: James Skay, Microsoft, and Kay Phelps, Genesys
Date & Time: Tuesday, March 8 at 1:15pm
Location: Microsoft booth #1621

Find out how Skype4Business delivers on the customer service experience during an informal discussion at Microsoft’s Skype4Business booth.

Blog Recommendation: Genesys & Skype for Business Usher in the Best of Times in Unified Communications

Genesys is once again a Platinum sponsor and exhibitor at Enterprise Connect 2016. We look forward to seeing you there at our booth and in our sessions.  Follow the Enterprise Connect conversation in person or online by following @Genesys and #EC16.

Genesys_Enterprise Connect Team Photo - Cropped

Last year’s Genesys staff at Enterprise Connect