CX Day is on October 7th and host Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) is planning a number of global events both online and in-person to celebrate great customer customer experienceexperience and the professionals who make it happen. Genesys is participating in the celebration, but we don’t just celebrate customer experience (CX) one day per year, we celebrate CX every day! So, as the excitement builds for next Tuesday, we are counting down to the second annual CX Day with our top seven blogs on CX.

Top CX Blogs

7. Get Instant Access to Omnichannel CX from the Cloud

There’s no doubt that we have seen an explosion of channels. This is compounded by the fact that with consumers’ closely guarded smart phones and mobile devices in-hand, they are always on – and always ready to engage with a company or business to get something they want.

For many companies, the move to omnichannel customer experiences can be a huge challenge – especially when existing point solutions are in place for certain channels. To deliver the seamless, consistent and personalized experience that today’s customers demand, many companies are turning to the cloud due to these benefits.

Read the rest of the blog and learn five benefits to creating an omnichannel customer experience (CX) here…

6. Drive Great CX by Modernizing on a Consolidated, Open-Standards Platform

In the world of customer service, there have been two extreme goals that have defined corporate strategies over the years: maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Of course, most companies rarely focus all of their customer service strategies and technology purchasing on either extreme, but they have tended towards one end of the spectrum or the other. In tight economic conditions, the general trend was towards taking costs out of the business and this led to a strong emphasis on efficiency.

But for the past several years, the general trend has been moving away from an efficiency focus and swinging more towards an effectiveness focus, with companies aiming to drive much richer customer experiences and to build greater customer loyalty.

Read more on how combining siloed departments and operations creates end-to-end customer journeys of personalized individual interactions for an all-in-one customer experience !

5. Are You on the Fast Track to CX Success? 3 Tips for Quick Results

As companies better understand how customer loyalty impacts revenue and profits, most want to take immediate action to improve.  While not the only factor, technology can be the key element in quickly driving a customer experience (CX) strategy change.

It’s become pretty obvious that the pace of CX technology adoption is becoming extremely fast. Read the rest of the blog here and learn three tips for successful CX projects!

4. 3 Key Steps for avoiding the “King’s New Clothes” in CX

Sadly, many organizations seem to have “Kings New Clothes” moments all too frequently. The latest fad comes along, often with initial good intentions but all too soon businesses are sucked into this new strategy or that big project, consuming large amounts of resources and often not delivering the espoused benefits.

Customer Experience (CX) is big on the agenda for most organizations as the next great answer to increasing loyalty, sales and the likelihood to recommend. However, there is a danger that in the euphoria of CX that some will be sold on approaches that in truth are no more useful at improving it than the King’s New Clothes were at covering his… “Modesty”.

Read the full post and learn the 3 Key Steps for avoiding the “King’s New Clothes” in CX.

3. Hey CX Execs! Are You In Control of Your Contact Center?

As an executive, what if you could provide great CX (Customer Experience)—without taking any risks doing it? What if you could maintain total visibility and control of contact center operations, including self-service, without incurring additional costs for expensive software and hardware?

Read more and learn the  three tips to help your company differentiate and provide a superior customer experience.

2. Measuring CX Is Not About Agents, It’s About Customers

Customer engagement and the contact centers that sit at the heart of those engagements remain critical elements for great experiences. But because contact centers are so good at measuring every aspect of agents’ work life, they tend to use those measurements as a proxy for great results. Reduce average handle time and positive customer experiences blossom goes the thinking. But agents are not the core of customer experience, customers are. After all, while agents can influence sales and brand promises, they have little do with self-service channels, process design, the web site experience, or the mobile app experience – all critical elements in any given customer journey today. It may seem obvious when stated plainly, but more than ever customer experience executives and managers need to take into account the end to end customer journey, tailoring interactions to serve those journeys.

See the full post on how to tie the customer journey together.

1. Last, but not least, our guest post by Bruce Temkin The Seven Golden Rules of CX

How can companies come close to achieving their ambitions? By following the golden rules of customer experience. We’ve all heard a version of the Golden Rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In a recent webinar, I translated that concept into The Seven Golden Rules of Customer Experience. Here’s a summary of the rules!

Read Bruce’s Seven Golden Rules for CX here!

Join us on October 7th to celebrate those who make great customer experience happen! To learn more, visit for the full list of the day’s activities.

Rachael Royds

Rachael Royds

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