consumer protectionYesterday’s action by the FCC declaratory ruling is a win win for consumers and businesses alike.  It was not such a good day if you make a living trying to capitalize on ambiguity and uncertainty.  As Commissioner Pai has said, “In regulation, as in sports, it is good to have clear rules.”  We are an industry that believes in regulation and consumer protection.  We are often faced with ambiguity and need to make judgment calls, no longer on this narrow issue.

SoundBite Communications (a wholly owned subsidiary of Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.) filed its petition earlier this year because we believed in two very strong principles:

  1. Communication interactions between a business and consumer need to be friendly and concise, following best practices
  2. Economic growth is best served when businesses can spend resources innovating and creating jobs

We spent the past 12 months listening to multiple consumer groups, Congressional and Senate staffers, Associations, Trade Groups  as well as businesses across the nation.  What we found is that as different as we all are, we share very similar interests…we want to protect our customers and create a strong economy.  We do not want to spend time angering the public with bad policy or employing lawyers unnecessarily.

So what else is there to say?  A simple “Thank You”.  To all the individuals and groups that took the time to listen and show an interest in common sense.  With all the pressing work that is faced day to day, it is encouraging to know that through hard work and consensus building that greater good can prevail.  This FCC declaratory ruling is a step in the right direction. Now we can focus on our clients, customers and innovation.

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John Tallarico

John Tallarico

As Vice President of Outbound Solutions at Genesys, John is responsible for the strategic evolution and delivery of the Genesys Outbound engagement solution across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments. His responsibility includes delivering products, features, and functionality for multi-channel outbound...