contact centerThese days, business leaders are increasingly moving their operations into the cloud. In fact, industry pundits predict that by 2018, the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79 billion. Yet despite this widespread adoption of the technology, many executives are still hesitant about the decision to migrate to the cloud. Are you on the fence about your decision to move your contact center into the cloud? Here are five signs that now might be the right time:

1. Your IT managers are maxed out: If your IT managers are spending all of their time maintaining customer management systems, it’s likely time to move to the cloud. The role that IT leaders are playing in the contact center space is shifting away from maintenance. Now, IT leaders are expected to drive revenue and create forward-thinking business strategies. Switching to the cloud will allow you to re-allocate your IT staff.

2. It’s hard to keep up with your customers: Your customers move quickly over the web, and they expect you to keep up with them. Having access to a virtual contact center will give you the ability to stay on top of communications when they come in from any social channel or website.

3. You can’t keep tabs on customer satisfaction: According to the MCM Outlook 2014 survey, 49.5 percent of respondents claimed that customer service is the most important contact center metric. If your agents aren’t providing quality service and your customers are unhappy, you need to know—and a cloud-based solution will help you analyze the granular details of customer-agent relations.

4. You want to expand your reach, but you are on a budget: It can be costly and inefficient to hire more staff and pay for additional infrastructure or building space—but with a cloud contact center solution, you can scale accordingly without going bankrupt in the process.

5. You are concerned about a natural disaster: Hurricane season is quickly approaching, so you want to be sure that your facility has what it takes to provide great customer service no matter what Mother Nature decides to hurl in your direction. A virtual contact center will provide redundancy, which will ensure protection and uptime no matter what.

As the world’s leading cloud customer contact center provider, Genesys has all of the tools that your business needs to thrive in the cloud. Built on the industry-leading Genesys Customer Experience Platform, the Genesys Premier Edition can assist small to mid-sized organizations manage the end-to-end customer experience and optimize efficiency and performance with a mobile-accessible supervisor desktop, real-time metrics, reporting and call monitoring capabilities.

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Paul Segre

Paul Segre

Paul Segre is the chief executive officer at Genesys. Since taking on this position in 2007, he has led the company to consistent yearly double-digit growth and revenues of over $1 billion. Paul joined Genesys in 2002 as chief technology...