cloud contact centerAccording to Forbes, the mid-market is the healthiest sector of the economy, responsible for 44% of all US job growth. Mid-size companies are known for innovation, but are often caught in competitive chaos. Yet, the mid-size company is in the sweet spot–small enough to be agile, large enough to command scale, with enough credibility to attract large volumes of customers…if they serve them well.

Moving to a Cloud Contact Center is a great way to gain the agility needed to differentiate from competitors, both large and small. The flexibility achieved from moving to the Cloud helps you realize your modernization and omnichannel goals at an accelerated rate. The typical contact center is looking to modernize to support new digital channels, field social media interactions in a more automated way, and bring new mobile interaction capabilities to customers. For a company with legacy, on-premises systems in place, updating those systems requires significant capital investment, and usually a substantial commitment of both time and resources from IT. Jump ahead of your competition with the ultimate shortcut—the Cloud.

There are many different ways to gain agility from the Cloud, not the least of which is financial. But the biggest ‘win’ from cloud contact center deployment is the time-to-value realized from new innovations. The hallmark of midsize companies–and often the biggest competitive differentiation–involves delivering enhanced customer engagement and a unique or distinctive service and sales experience. Making new interaction channels available, extending mobile apps, or connecting in new ways via social, can now happen in only weeks–instead of the months it might take to get IT to schedule and extend on-premises systems.

Combine innovations together, add back office efficiencies, and increase visibility into the customer journey−and suddenly, mid-market modernization efforts rise above both competitors and the expectations of consumers. Further, new omnichannel engagement can finally deliver personalized experiences to customers, and higher levels of transparency between firms and their clients. The potential is simply amazing!

Learn more about gaining customer experiences advantages from agile cloud contact centers, as we share our latest mid-market customer innovation stories.  View our webinar on demand here:  5 Ways That Companies Gain Agility from a Cloud Contact Center.