Genesys blog posts Happy New Year! We hope 2013 was good to all of you. At the end of each year we take a look back at which of our posts were the most popular. As we kick a new year we wanted to share our top ten Genesys blog posts from 2013. We look forward to taking customer experience (CX) to the next level with all of you in 2014. Enjoy!

  1. “How Steve Jobs would reinvent your back office”
  2. “Six sigma eight types of waste in customer service”
  3. “Bill Gates, 640kb, and how things change”
  4. “You know what, I’m happy”
  5. “I feel like you never listen – communication preferences make or break relationships”
  6. “I’m losing customers, 3 tips for service providers”
  7. “Three reasons why multi-channel is just not good enough”
  8. “What does the back office of the future look like for you?”
  9. “Social customer service lessons from Vanilla Ice”
  10. “Customer engagement unbound – Genesys unbound”