Unified Communications“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” began Charles Dickens in his classic novel A Tale of Two Cities. Today, even in our technological-driven society, the same contradictions abound. From a customer experience perspective, we see examples of the best of times when customers can quickly self-serve, and where unified communications enable collaboration with experts for immediate answers across the enterprise. Unfortunately we also see the worst of times when agents don’t know about previous  interactions, and customers are still put on hold, or transferred repeatedly.

We could engage in tales of our “worst of” customer interactions, but instead, let’s take a look at three ways we can enable best of customer journeys.

  1. Enabling best-in-class customer experience requires a marriage between the contact center and unified communications technology, a marriage where all communications media, methods, and devices unite into one interconnected entity.
  2. Unified communications means we empower agents to find available experts across the enterprise for collaboration, or to seamlessly join them into a customer conversation – whether chat, voice, or video. In a recent ICMI article, Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast Ken Osborn writes how agent empowerment is a key element found in companies that provide industry-leading customer service.
  3. Unified communications means customers can reach you via any path they choose, and those paths are interconnected. In a March 2015 Forbes article (Really) Taking on Customer Experience, Forrester’s Victor Milligan writes, “Change your perspective. We have a sense of how customers are supposed to traverse different touchpoints and a sense of the experiences we want them to have. But that’s not the starting point. CX is about the customer, on their terms, and in their voice.”

The bottom line is that when customers interact with a company, they want it to be easy. It means we should make it easy for them to start via the path of their choice – including IM, voice, and video; through a mobile device, on a web site, or via Skype and transition to another without losing engagement.

Delivering a “best of times” customer experience just became easier. Through a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Genesys now brings the best-in-class Customer Experience platform together with Skype for Business. Through a tight integration between the two technologies, Genesys enables robust voice, IM and Presence interoperability, enterprise-wide collaboration, and video capabilities – whether customer-to-agent, agent-to-expert, or a collaboration of customer, agent, and expert.

The new Genesys integration with Microsoft Skype for Business capabilities include:

  • Enabling retailers to assist customers when all in-store associates are busy. Customers can have “face-to-face” conversations with financial advisors remotely, building trust, and confidence.
  • The ability to call-a-nurse hotline service improves dramatically, as a medical professional can more readily assess the patient’s condition.
  • Customers can reach out to a company’s technical support group, and use video to help set up a cell phone, install a garage door, or resolve a cable modem issue.

See for yourself how the new Genesys integration with Skype for Business enables customers to reach out to the contact center from Skype, with voice, chat and video.

We’ll be happy to help you assess how to identify and implement your own use cases.  Contact us today!