main_ContactBabel_Customer_Interaction_Analytics_landingPgContactBabel, a leading contact center industry analyst firm, recently released The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics, which is by far the most comprehensive report about interaction analytics available today.  Indicating that there is a future of new opportunities for companies, ContactBabel states that, “while the terminology ‘customer interaction analytics’ is used within this report, the majority of implementations in usage are currently focused upon speech analytics. The new terminology is used to encourage readers to think of analytics in terms of its wider potential…”

Next Best Practices for Customer Interaction Analytics

At Genesys, we believe one of the most important current examples of the wider potential of customer interaction analytics is around the unification of speech analytics with text analytics. This powerful combination enables customer conversations across all channels of contact to be analyzed in exactly the same way with emerging trends across all of those interactions to be automatically discovered.

If you’re looking for new ways to unlock the power of speech and text analytics, The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics includes a detailed discussion of the primary uses of in place today by leading companies. ContactBabel divides these uses into two groups, including “those that are around solving a specific known problem, and those which are of a more strategic, long-term nature, although there is some crossover between the two groups.”

You can get a view of the primary uses in the table below, which is included in the report:


Each of these uses of Interaction Analytics is then explained in detail within the report.  The Guide also explains how to build a business case for Interaction Analytics, including how to estimate the ROI of speech analytics applications.

The Guide also discusses the technology of customer interaction analytics in depth, including a discussion of the pros and cons of the three different approaches to speech analytics:  speech-to-phoneme (or Phonetic), speech-to-text (or LVCSR) and speech-to-phrase.  If you’ve ever wondered which speech analytics technology is the best for your business requirements, I strongly recommend reading this section of the report, as it is the most comprehensive explanation of the three different technologies and the advantages and disadvantages of each that I’ve seen.

Real-Time Versus Post-Call Speech Analytics

The Technology section of the report also explains real-time speech analytics, including a very important explanation of the differences between real-time and post-call speech analytics.  These differences are very important to understand because unfortunately “real-time speech analytics” can be a misnomer, since the fact is that with current technology it is nearly impossible to perform true analytics on speech in real-time. This is not to discount the fact that there are useful applications of real-time speech monitoring (which the report details), such as monitoring calls for keywords and alerting the agent or supervisor if pre-specified words occur. But, it’s important to understand what can be achieved in real-time and what cannot with current technology.

If you’re interested in learning more in-depth information on customer interaction analytics, download The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics today – and keep it handy for future reference.  It truly is the definitive guide to customer interaction analytics.

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