self-service ivrHow efficiently can consumers engage with your retail organization? Can your representatives resolve issues easily or are they struggling?  In today’s fiercely competitive environment, retailers need to interact with customers in a way that will keep them coming back – by optimizing your self-service IVR.  In doing this, you will answer questions quickly and handle issues more effectively, thereby ensuring the customer’s experience is positive.

In the past, voice self-service was seen as a second choice offering to a live agent.  Over the last five years, as digital technology and understanding of customer experience have improved, that opinion has changed. A great number of customers today actually prefer to handle their issues via a self-service model.  As a matter of fact, according to Forrester, 67% of consumers use web self-service knowledge to find answers to their questions through web, chat or voice.

The key to achieving this level of satisfaction and usage is how well you design and implement your self-service IVR. A strategically designed and implemented IVR will satisfy your customers by eliminating hold times and more quickly getting them the right answers. It will also improve your business efficiency by reducing erroneous calls into the contact center and freeing agents to handle the complex tasks that require live assistance. This can significantly and positively impact thin margins that many contact centers run on, while delivering a better overall customer experience.

To see how you can implement a self-service IVR your customers will use or how you can optimize your existing IVR to deliver the results you – and your customers – desire, attend our next self-service webinar.

To learn more, check out our on-demand webinar titled, Top Five Pitfalls Retailers Need to Avoid to Ensure Their Self-Service IVR System is Optimized.  You’ll see:

•       Five pitfalls that retailers commonly fall into

•       Five best practices when implementing self-service to engage with retail consumers

•       Examples of retailers implementing and driving positive results from self-service

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Aaron Wellman

Aaron Wellman is the Product Marketing Offer Lead for Self-Service solutions at Genesys. Aaron came to Genesys with the acquisition of Angel in April, 2013 where he had been with the organization for over 10 years. With a background in...