Frustrated-TechAs a former computer tech support representative, I have been asked a lot of questions that have made my head spin. I once received a call from a frustrated customer who could not figure out why his mouse was not turning his computer on. After walking through a series of questions,  I found out that he was using his mouse on the floor as a “go pedal” similar to a sewing machine.

With the never ending launch of new technology, technical support will never slow down. But today, every interaction in every customer relationship with your company matters, not just technical, but also care, billing, and payments too.

Along with our partner Zendesk, we recently polled the best customer service pros around for tips on what helps them resolve call center issues with customers more efficiently. Their advice: Think of it as the old adage – help me help you. Don’t be the mouse pedal guy, check these out!

  1. Get Customers to Provide Context, But Not the Whole Enchilada – Customer service reps are trained to piece together bits of information from every call, but they can be more productive when customers provide some context to help them diagnose the issue. Getting to the root cause is key to solving customer issues, so make sure customers focus on their problem without getting distracted with minor details unrelated to their issue.
  2. Make Sure They Are At Their Screen, Not In a Tunnel – While most customers are on a mobile phone as it may be their most convenient way to contact your company, it’s not easy for agents to hear when customers are on a speaker phone, or in a tunnel headed to the airport, especially for technical issues.  Guide customers to be in front of a browser to speed resolutions.
  3. Provide Self-Service Options – Make options available for customer for self-service that can solved based on complexity of their issue. For example, complicated technical problems are usually best handled over the phone, or via web chat, but not social media. If customers have simple question and like doing things themselves, offer them self-service options.

Discover how you can achieve increased agent efficiency and deliver an improved customer experience by downloading our tip sheet titled 7 Ways to Get Better Service.

You can also view our on-demand webinar and demo with Zendesk titled, Zen and The Art of Multi-Channel Customer Experience. Check it out today!