retailSince we all love to be scared in October – there are 83 shopping days until Christmas. Scared? If you think October is far too early to be thinking about holiday shopping, you are incorrect. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 40% of Americans had already started their holiday shopping in October, and nearly half of all marketers surveyed said they would launch a holiday campaign before Halloween.

In the spirit of spreading some holiday cheer statistics: 83% of marketing respondents said their company plans on running coordinated, cross-channel marketing campaigns during the holiday season, and 55% stated they will be coordinating marketing campaigns across four or more channels – including mobile.

Don’t be scared if you don’t have a mobile marketing program in place. Adding mobile into all other channels such as TV, print, online, in-store signage and POS representatives, can be quick and easy.  Below are three quick-to-deploy mobile marketing and proactive customer communications campaigns for the holiday season:


multt-channel mobile marketingWe all know of that certain item that we have to give as a present during the holidays, but it may not be at a store location, or may be delayed for online shipping. As all mobile marketing is opt-in based, retailers need to show value in their communications in order for customers to give their consent. Use in-store displays, print, and online ads to promote text campaigns to build your mobile database. By offering unique alert and special messages to customers, letting them know that the hottest items of the season are back in stock is a great incentive to gain opt in.

Most importantly, sending inventory alerts to your customers, either through voice (IVR) or text (SMS), can drive traffic into your stores, reduce inbound calls, and create a loyalty opportunity with your customers.

Appointment Reminders: multi-channel mobile marketing

The customer experience doesn’t end after the point of sale. As appliances and electronics are the most common big ticket items for the holidays, having delivery and installation reminders are key. By adding IVR and SMS, customers can conveniently confirm or change the appointment, which will reduce inbound calls, missed appointments, and unnecessary truck rolls. With cloud-based communications, retailers have the ability to communicate across channels in the same interaction. For example: a voice message is sent with an appointment reminder, but the customer asks for this same message in a text message, so they may easily forward to another person in their household.  The customer may have gotten a great deal on purchasing an item, but waiting around all day for delivery and installation can tarnish the end-to-end customer experience.  Read how a customer solved this problem of repeat calls and missed appointments. 


multi-channel mobile marketingVoice of the Customer Surveys:

Capture the voice of the customer by increasing survey completion rates using a multi-channel, mobile strategy. Voice, web, and email are known survey channels, but offering SMS to your mobile opted-in customers enables you to engage in a real-time, interactive dialog that measures satisfaction and provides prompt follow up. Texting your mobile opted-in customers with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) or other survey, not only increases responses, but with a cloud survey solution, you can quickly identify detractors and provide immediate follow up and resolution for a closed-loop process. One of our customers is seeing a 21% survey response rate via SMS, and reaching 55% of detractors with a live contact center agent, closing the loop on a negative survey response.

Adding mobile to your holiday marketing plans increases ROI and enhances the customer experience. You can still take advantage of the holiday traffic by adding mobile, but remember to always be compliant and gain opt in, because if you don’t that can be a very scary and costly thing.

To start your mobile campaigns today, begin with our white paper, Five Best Practices for Building Your Mobile Marketing Opt-In Database. 

Rachael Royds

Rachael Royds

As Director of Social Media Marketing at Genesys, Rachael leads the Genesys social media strategy globally for marketing, corporate communications, and employee advocacy. Rachael brings over 10 years of experience in B2B, B2C, and non-profit marketing. She previously held marketing...