contact center Recently the U.S. Federal government held their annual stress tests to determine if banks could withstand a severe economic crisis and avoid a taxpayer bailout. We won’t name names, but there were a few financial institutions who failed quite badly. This got me to thinking, what if your contact center had a similar stress test effort on up-time and response times, how would you grade?

Capacity stress testing identifies potential bottlenecks and areas for improved performance, availability and efficiency. It includes basic network and routing and by adding simulation testing, you will have a good view of your contact center’s ability to handle growth demands from new products, holidays, or a crisis. And, you can provide management with various operational support scenarios to insure your production environment will keep on chugging.

Business assessments and business performance engagements with industry experts can further calibrate potential operational changes to meet your business goals better. These consultants stress test your people, your processes, and your technology for a company-wide view and may include agent speech and NPS assessments.

Speech assessments take an in depth look at your agents’ skill sets in action and can identify specific training needs.  With 100% sampling available, there is no reason to run your business by looking at small samples which you know are only the tip of the iceberg.  By merging speech assessment and routing results, you can improve agent efficiencies with improved skill-based routing.  This is particularly powerful in an omnichannel agent environment with customer inquiries coming from web chat, email, as well as the classic voice channel.  Your customers will appreciate having their queries handled well by the first person they talk to, regardless of what channel they use.

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) system coupled with well-designed customer surveys at strategic customer interaction junctures can identify areas of stress that should be addressed quickly. These can be as varied as agent training gaps, product issues, self-service issues, or eliminating frustrating information gaps between multiple channels.

The benefits of stress testing your contact center?  It’s true a government agency may not write articles about your contact center stress test results, but your customers will benefit with better customer journeys and experiences.  And, they will tell you by their loyalty or by their abandoned shopping carts, dropped calls, and escalated inquiries.

With change being the only constant in contact centers, it’s important to make sure yours is stress tested regularly to continue to provide a customer experience that delights (and keeps) your customers.

For more information about how Genesys can help you stress test your contact center to keep it at peak performance, see  Health Check, Automated CX Testing & Simulation by Cyara, Testing by Empirix, Genesys Survey Solution, Genesys Guru CX Speech Assessment, and Rapid Business Assessment.