cloud contact center solutionsThe cloud is normally examined by the internal businesses benefits and the impact it will have on company operations – but what about the end goal?

Business operations are constantly being evaluated to improve internal communications, but a business would be nothing without one thing: its customers.

The cloud provides businesses with a platform that is secure, reliable and less expensive than on-premise solutions. Businesses are able to collaborate faster and stay connected from any location, enabling them to create a better customer experience (CX) for their customers.

How does the cloud play into keeping customers happy? It all comes down to the following:

Flexibility – Having access to your personal or business data from any location is by far the biggest benefit the cloud. For example, businesses have realized the benefit of providing easy scalability to customers and are now duplicating its success onto mobile platforms to create their own mobile applications and provide easy-access to their customers.

Personalization – By having access to past customer behaviors through cloud-based analytics platforms, companies are able to provide completely personalized interactions, build more customized solutions and address concerns based on what they already know to further customize the CX. For example, this level of insight allows customers to contact a business’s customer service department and have the person on the other end of the line already know who the customer is and past product purchases based on the data their business has stored in the cloud.

Trust –The cloud enables companies to create a two-way conversation with their users through personalized outbound and inbound communications. On one hand, customers are able to receive proactive reminders about appointments and have a more consistent connection with the business. For the business, being able to build this ongoing conversation with their customers can result in increased satisfaction and stronger customer loyalty.

Collaboration – Customers expect complete brand transparency and immediate results. The cloud opens the door for customers to easily interact with businesses, creating an open forum to create business applications, as well as collaborate, share ideas and offer feedback, whether it’s positive or negative.

Businesses that provide customers with cloud-based products or just communicating with them through cloud-based technology are not only creating a more valuable and unique CX, but they are also doing a better job of putting their customers’ needs first.  The cloud easily offers customers a personalized experience, which enhances customer satisfaction with the business in the end.

How do you see the cloud enhancing the CX? Check our our video and then let us know in the comments below!