woman on phone web IVR payment With the combination of online shopping growing at a much faster rate than in-store retail and the demand for an omnichannel experience (the ability to buy online, return in-store, or vice-versa) increasing in popularity with consumers, traditional retailers are faced with a greater challenge to maintain customer loyalty than in previous years.  What’s more, the ability to easily find a digital discount is no more than a search engine click away, making it more difficult for retailers to retain consumers’ business.  So, amidst all of these challenges, what’s a business to do? Deliver the best customer service possible.

While this may be easier said than done, advancements in customer experience technology can help make the goal of total customer satisfaction more realistic than ever. For example, Angel’s hosted IVR and call center solutions empower retailers to deliver cost-effective customer service, with customers experiencing the high-quality service they expect and deserve.  To enhance how IVR and call center solutions improve your business’ customer experience, we’ve identified five top tips for retailers to ensure they are driving quality, not cost:

  • Make your brand work for you: While the phone has been a service point for most retailers for many years, it has been relatively neglected as a viable sales and support channel and means to drive and promote business, and ultimately obtain positive brand awareness. The telephone represents an ideal way to communicate your message, deliver customer service, and even drive new revenue opportunities for your business.
  • Adapt to changing business and customer needs: With a cloud-based IVR solution in place, retail organizations are better able to manage the challenges associated with the burdens placed on agents during peak shopping periods, such as during the holiday season.
  • Help customers help themselves: It is more common than ever for customers to access their computers to interact with retailers. As a result, when customers call your organization on the phone, they are often looking for that same level of service and a quick resolution to their call. Working with an effective and interactive automated IVR solution, callers are empowered to manage their own call experience.
  • Creatively manage costs: By automating common inquiries or standard actions through an IVR application, your call center will not only handle a greater volume of calls, your customer service representatives can focus on more strategic activities such as complex customer support issues.
  • Use your call center as a sales channel: As an important access point to customers, the telephone represents a valuable sales channel and an important opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell products and services.

To learn more about how our IVR and call center solutions can help retailers keep their budgets in mind without sacrificing high-quality customer service, make sure to read our whitepaper, “Driving Quality, Not Costs in Retail.”