customer experience technologyIn today’s Internet-driven and mobile-driven economy, it’s more important than ever for organizations to focus on customer experience. For many companies, this means focusing on new technology. But no matter how great the latest technology is, the customer experience will still be only as good as the employees who deliver it and the customers it serves.

Your employees are both the heart of your business and the “face” of your customer experience. When you enable them with the right tools to deliver an experience that increases your customer’s satisfaction, you are also increasing the employees’ satisfaction.

So, to ensure a great customer experience, you need to CX-enable your organization, starting with the employees who provide the face to your customers. You need to be able to manage them across every operation that engages customers.   Another critical step in CX enablement is routing an interaction to the right employee at the right time.

A third step is to move from isolated and inconsistent interaction channel focus to a single platform that provides a full view into customer engagement. It is only when you can manage the customer journey across touchpoints that you can drive better company performance and a better customer experience.

The Michigan Office of Child Support (OCS) is the perfect example of how innovative technology can show amazing contact center results, increase employee satisfaction, fuel real social change, and provide a positive experience for citizen interactions.

For Michigan families, assistance benefits had often previously been denied through no fault of the families themselves, but due to an antiquated contact center system. Response and hold times were as long as days to weeks, and Michigan OCS offices were overwhelmed with frustrated customers looking for in-person service. After replacing their old system with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, the Michigan OCS has been able to cut response times to customers from two weeks to just five minutes!

The customer journey starts with a highly efficient self-service IVR system that quickly routes calls to the appropriate caseworker. Before the caseworker answers a call, the Genesys Customer Experience Platform provides specific insight on each customer by supplying detailed information about who is calling, and why. The result is that the Michigan OCS system productivity has increased by 40%, eliminating case backlog and case escalation, and enabling 90% of caseworkers to work remotely.

In addition, by creating a system that distributed workflow evenly, while enabling managers to easily monitor phone conversations, the OCS was able to reduce call volumes while increasing the quality of customer care. Child support workers now specialize in tasks and share cases across the entire caseworker population rather than maintain separate caseloads.

According to Erin Frisch, Director, of the Office of Child Support in the Michigan Department of Human Services. “Our mission is to make change and increase the permanent well-being and self-sufficiency of Michigan families. By simplifying our system and empowering our caseworkers, we no longer have to waste time on technical difficulties but can instead have meaningful conversations that can change lives.”

To learn more about how The State of Michigan Office of Child Support transformed their business, increased caseworker productivity, and delivered a superior customer experience, see our on-demand webinar, The Human Face of Customer Experience Technology.