ibm watson Genesys EVP of Product and Solution Strategy Merijn te Booij kicked off the second day of main stage presentations at G-Force London with a view to the future of CX. Today’s keynotes came on the heels of last night’s gala event, which helped our G-Force attendees warm up for the world cup with a Brazil-themed party! Attendees also heard more about the exciting news from Genesys and IBM Watson that came out just yesterday!

IBM Watson and Genesys are developing a learning system that brings together the Watson Engagement Advisor with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. The IBM Watson and Genesys solution will assist customer service agents, allowing them to provide fast, data-driven answers. For self-service, consumers can get answers from IBM Watson via mobile device, chat session or online interaction. IBM Watson’s Steve Cowley joined Merijn on stage to show how in one simple click, the solution’s “Ask Watson” feature can quickly engage customers to solve issue or complete transactions – all with a natural and informed transition to an agent if needed.

Cognitive Learning Will Transform The Way Consumers and Organizations Interact

In a desinationCRM article from Wednesday of this week, IBM Watson’s Stephen Gold said, “This partnership marries the cognitive capabilities of Watson with a well-entrenched domain expert in the contact center space.” Gold also talked about the benefits for front-line employees. “For an agent, I think this is a game-changer,” Gold says. “Turnover for agents in this business is relatively high, and the big reason is their frustration in their inability to do their job well. Watson puts at their disposal a more intuitive, natural interaction.”  To see more, check out recent video news coverage from CNBC here.

For more use cases of the IBM Watson and Genesys solution, check out the press release. And stay tuned for the G-Force wrap-up blog where we’ll highlight our customer speakers, as well as insight from author of The Experience Economy Joseph Pine.

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