contact center Assumptions often catch us by surprise especially when proven wrong. Perhaps no where is this more true than in the contact center where assumptions can have huge operational and performance implications. Recently, we worked with information technology managers at a large contact center to implement automated skills-based routing to reduce inefficiencies in the center’s call-handling capacity and help them better deliver during peak traffic times.

At this particular client, we deployed Genesys Spotlight  and during the first hour of review, nearly 12,000 manual skills-based changes were identified – all of which were unexpected. Needless to say, these manual changes introduced an array of inefficiencies into the center’s call-handling capacity.

By putting the spotlight on what was really happening in their operations and replacing the manual skill changes with preset routing rules within a skill-based routing engine, this customer saved time, money and most importantly, created a better customer experience.

Increasingly, a key contact center best practice is to inspect your call center operations and identify and test key assumptions – in this case, better understanding the use and scale of manual skill changes.

The practice for automating manual skill changes with skills-based routing based on specific present routing rules can dramatically improve the performance of any contact center environment.

  • Increase call-handling capacity –  Manual changes move agents from skill to skill, so that agents may have contradicting skills or even no skills assigned to them, resulting in calls not be handled.
  • Recoup lost call-handling capacity while increase productivity – Even in a best case scenario, where manual changes prevent agents from handling calls for only 1% of their work time, the collective lost time adds up to significant lost capacity and productivity when multiplied across your entire agent population.
  • Manage your contact center based on facts, not assumptions – With increased visibility and transparency into operations with Genesys Spotlight, you can see quickly how your contact center is actually operating in real-time from a single view which is especially valuable when adding more digital channels into your contact center including IM, SMS, chat, and co-browsing.

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Stuart Lander

Stuart Lander

Stuart Lander has worked in the contact center industry for some 18 years, six of which have been with Genesys. Stuart is currently a Professional Services Engagement Manager focusing specifically on the Genesys pre-packaged Expert Apps portfolio. He lives in...