William Shakespeare’s King Richard is a Machiavellian tragedy about the rise to—and subsequent fall from—power of Richard III of England. Much like the king’s quick and tumultuous rule, chatbots have become a disruptive technology in customer service, often having destructive effects on customer experience when not used properly.

Currently, customer service struggles to manage two diverse priorities:

  1. Reduce the cost to serve;
  2. Increase the quality of the customer experience.

Too often, cost is king—and that belief is driving tragic behaviors. Chatbots are considered low-cost solutions in the customer service world. And much like Richard III, companies who feel like they’re at a disadvantage head into the customer experience battle crying, “A bot, a bot, my kingdom for a bot!” However, chatbots, like horses, come in different sizes and abilities; they’re not all going to fit your needs.

According to the “Genesys State of Customer Experience” research report, even though 66% of businesses plan to use some type of chatbot within the next six months, only 2% of consumers want to use them. While bots and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have their place in the contact center, it’s a mistake to put those technologies—not your customers—at the center of your customer engagement strategy.

Instead, take a holistic approach that reduces the amount of customer engagement, enables agents to better support customers, gives agents relevant information to better meet customers’ needs, and provides end-to-end insights into customer and agent experiences. Doing so will reduce agent interaction time, increase self-service completion rates, improve experiences and give you better insights into the whole process.

Not taking a holistic approach will diminish the customer experience and, ultimately, can lead to increased phone traffic, disaffected customers and a poor customer experience reputation. To learn more about improving the quality of your customer experience, check out the webinar Get the Stats – Don’t Become a Tragic Customer Experience Statistic. The webinar will feature industry expert Sheila McGee-Smith and explain what the data means for your business.

Brendan Dykes

Brendan Dykes

Brendan has over 25 years of experience in the customer service industry, in both business and technical roles. This broad experience has allowed him to see first-hand the importance for both customers and organizations of delivering consistent omnichannel customer experiences....