2016. New Year's Resolution written in a notebookWhat’s more frustrating than calling a company for help or support and being asked to repeat yourself over and over again? The annoyance starts when you enter information into the IVR, only to be asked for it again once connected to an agent. Then, frustrations really kick in when you’re directed to the wrong agent and have to start all over with your issue. At this point, it’s understandable to feel underappreciated and to question why you’re doing business with the company. This scenario is certainly not in line with delivering a superior customer experience. More than ever, customers now expect personalized, low-effort engagement that can only be delivered by a modern contact center.

Smart companies understand that disjointed interactions are annoying for the customer, inefficient for their call center, erode customer loyalty, and eliminate potential upsell opportunities. Customer engagement is key for successful customer journeys—but many companies find they’ve added technology and tools along the way that inadvertently created silos. Silos make transactions difficult and frustrating for customers when they get in the way of transferring contact history and context or become responsible for misdirecting calls to the wrong agents.

Modernizing the call center with a focus on improving engagement across all channels can alleviate customer frustrations, create cost efficiencies, and allow your company to deliver customer service and support that will delight your customers. For example, modernization provides the infrastructure to do more than ever before and deliver a true omnichannel experience.

Don’t make your customers feel like they’re stuck in 2001. Delivering an omnichannel experience means ensuring agents can simultaneously communicate across channels and devices and provide seamless conversations. An omnichannel experience will take your business to a whole new level of customer engagement by allowing you to proactively design customer journeys that turn random interactions into coherent conversations. And, delivering a well-planned customer journey builds loyalty by delivering quality customer experiences that will help grow your business.

So, stop and take some notes for your 2016 New Year’s resolutions. At the top of your list, should be modernizing your call center. Your customers and your boss will thank you. No more bolt-on tools, inflexible solutions, or antiquated platforms for you and your customers. These tools don’t address today’s communication engagement needs. You need a plan—and what better time than the New Year to update your contact center?

To help you get started, Genesys recently released a tip sheet on this very topic. In it, we covered tips for how to transition your customer communications from random interactions to a designed system of customer engagement. The key points covered address how to evaluate your current contact center and figure out where you can update by:

  • Offering an omnichannel experience to drive great customer experiences
  • Delivering low effort, personalized journeys for your customers
  • Improving operational efficiency and make agent’s more productive

Each of these areas is important, but together can create an omnichannel engagement contact center that will deliver the customer experience you’ll be proud of in 2016, and your customers will appreciate for many years to come!

GenesysSocial-Omnichannel-TSGet the year off to a great start and put your customers first so you can get more from every contact center interaction with an omnichannel engagement center. Learn how with the Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience in a Mid-Sized Contact Center tip sheet.