customer experienceRecently, I saw an interesting comparison of how some of the world’s most popular websites, such as LinkedIn, eBay, Wikipedia and Google, looked and functioned when they first launched. It’s obvious how far web design and technology has developed in less than a decade. The technological advancements in the web, especially with mobile devices, have made it simpler for users to improve their overall customer experience. The advancement in web technology in response to the customer’s needs is similar to that in the contact center.

If you still have an ACD that was released when the biggest eBay auction items were beanie babies, you are likely unable to provide a world-class customer experience in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment. So, if you are running a dated contact center that is 10 or 15 years old, what do you do? You probably have been mulling over a few main questions:

  • Is it in danger of breaking down?
  • Is it still under maintenance, and if so, how expensive is that maintenance?
  • Is it keeping you from adding a new branch office or location, or a new contact channel?

Often the upgrade paths from legacy PBX and ACD suppliers makes contact center modernization a challenging proposition. However, customer service invariably suffers from this limitation – which means your business suffers.

The contact center, regardless of its size in an organization, is a business enabler. You need it to be as agile as possible in every aspect of how it supports your business – when you’re running a small to mid-sized contact center. To understand when the time is right for a modernization project, you need to recognize the critical drivers that call for a change, whether it is ACD replacement or a complete solution upgrade to keep your contact center fully capable of supporting today’s multi-channel and omnichannel world.

Here are some facts on how customer engagement requirements are increasing. A rather scary trend is obvious: you need to empower your agents and their leaders if you want to keep your customers!

Did you know…

But turning on better customer service in your organization is much easier said than done!

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Dipali Mehta

Dipali Mehta

Dipali has 10+ years of marketing experience across industries in the US, Europe and Asia. Dipali leads product marketing for self-service automation solutions including Artificial Intelligence at Genesys. She is a mathematician and great believer in agility and the power...