GenesysEbook-CallerBillofRights-SidebarYour customers are a saavy bunch that interact with many different businesses. They’re growing more technically proficient by the minute it seems. They also have come to expect certain inalienable rights as a customer of your business. If you want to keep customer satisfaction high and deliver a memorable customer experience, consider what the Customer Bill of Rights for your organization might look like?

A Customer Bill of Rights lays out the foundation for how to approach the design, implementation and approach for your self-service interactive voice response (IVR) platform – keeping the customer and their journey with your organization top of mind.

When it comes to self-service, one example of a simple best practice is announcing if agent-assisted help is available or not. This appropriately sets customer expectations at the beginning of a call. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many organizations frustrate their customers by not alerting them that live help is available, or doing so too late in the interaction. Give the customer the choice to transfer to a live agent if they know their needs won’t be met with an automated system. This simple notification builds trust and loyalty with the customer and avoids the frustration of feeling confined within the system.


Below are ten keys for deploying a successful cloud self-service IVR.  Consider them when evaluating your current self-service IVR’s performance or if you’re looking to overhaul the entire platform:

  1. Set clear expectations with the customer
  2. Announce if help is available
  3. Control the interaction
  4. Provide consistency across all channels
  5. Remember the customer
  6. Speak clearly
  7. Avoid having customers repeat themselves
  8. Transfer callers correctly
  9. Respect callers time
  10. Listen!

If you’d like to learn more, check out our new eBook, titled Customer Bill of Rights We delve into each of these ten important customer rights and provide clear, actionable best practices. The eBook is set up to help organizations evaluate engagement, design self-service interactions, and deliver a great self-service IVR experience to ensure the customer journey is seamless, personalized and consistent. Download the eBook now!