To slightly paraphrase Shakespeare, “To the cloud, or not to the cloud—that is the question.”  Do you struggle to know which applications to move to the cloud and which to retain in-house?  For your IVR specifically, do you know what tools are available to help simplify and easily manage that application, or parts of it, from the cloud?

We get asked these questions a lot at Genesys.  So we decided a great way to help our customers understand what capabilities are available from the Genesys Self-Service IVR cloud solution was to do a quick video series.  Each video is just a few minutes long, and all contain valuable advice and information about cloud IVR functionality.

Below you’ll find a summary of each of the videos, but here are some quick links if you want to jump right to the action:

  • Building Blocks for a Modern Self-Service Application
  • Genesys CRM Integration with IVR
  • Genesys Cloud Self-Service IVR Solutions for Any Business
  • Genesys Platform as a Service (PaaS) IVR

Building Blocks for a Modern Self-Service Application

genesys_sidebars-ivr_componentsModernizing your IVR is important for any company looking to improve customer experience.  A personalized IVR leaves the old, static IVR menus and options behind.  Moving to the cloud can expand your IVR capabilities by allowing integration to the CRM, and customized and dynamic menus, and multimodality.

Multimodality allows you to transform communications by leveraging smartphones.  For example, if a customer is looking for directions, you can send them a visual with a map.  Alternatively, a multimodal interaction can more effectively capture a customer’s email address if they have a form to complete during the course of a phone call.  Various use cases can be more efficiently handled through multi modality, and thinking these through is an important step in your overall customer experience.   

Genesys CRM Integration with IVR

genesys_sidebars-crm_integration[1]Integrating your IVR with your organization’s CRM personalizes and enhances the customer experience.  When your IVR has access to customer data and interaction and transaction history, the IVR can recognize callers, and elevate self-service rates with the delivery of personalized offers while also improving agent-assisted interactions through higher first contact resolution rates.

Having the right tools is important. If you only had a pair of Keds, would you be able to perform as well on the basketball court with others wearing the right sneakers?  Probably not, because not all sneakers are created equal.  The same is true with your IVR, so make sure the right tools are at your disposal.

Genesys Cloud Self-Service IVR Solutions for Any Business

genesys_sidebars-cloud_solutionsEvery business has its unique needs, so Genesys offers a variety of IVR solutions to best suit the size and maturity of any business.  Genesys offers three cloud-based self-service IVR solutions that are highlighted in this video:

  1.  On-demand – Small- to medium-sized businesses need business user control, so that technical coding is not required for creating, updating, or managing your IVR application.
  2.  Enterprise IVR – For an enterprise-grade IVR, use drag-and-drop tools for the creation and management of your IVR.
  3.  PaaS – An option where Genesys manages all the infrastructure on your behalf, while you maintain control of your VXML code base on your side.

All three self-service offerings include analytics for troubleshooting and continuous improvement to increase self-service rates.

Genesys Platform as a Service (PaaS) IVR

genesys_sidebars-ivr_paas[1]Genesys PaaS IVR enables businesses to preserve investments in VXML applications, while taking advantage of the secure, future-proof Genesys Voice Platform by using the cloud. This eliminates the requirement for you to do any auditing or certifying of the infrastructure since Genesys manages this on your behalf.  Additionally, you do not need to upgrade software, or be concerned with scaling up in your port capacity during peak periods.

What do you gain with Genesys PaaS? The question really should be, “What do you AND your customers gain?”  When your customers are happy, you are happy.  Consider this: if you walked into a bar and the bartender smiled and greeted you by name, put down a coaster, and asked if you wanted your usual drink, and then when serving your drink, inquired about the topic you discussed the last time you were therehow would you feel? You might say you feel like the Godfather getting such special treatment! That’s how you want your customers to feel each time they call you.

We hope this whiteboard video series is helpful for understanding your options to modernize your IVR and the benefits of moving to the cloud.  Learn more about self-service IVR solutions and let us know if we can help you discover the option that is best for your business.