IVRCustomers don’t like it when a company’s IVR doesn’t really understand them.  Or doesn’t help them resolve their issue. Especially when they are trying to do one thing done, and the IVR seems to want them to do something else. If this sounds familiar, it could be that your IVR is from Mars… and your customers are from Venus!

In John Gray’s famous book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, the author points out that understanding the other side, their approach, the rating scales, and other intricacies of communications can help bring relationships to new levels.

The same can be said with communications between your customer and your IVR, which is typically the first level of contact and the first impression you make with the interaction. So, how do you ensure that you start the communication off on the right foot, openly listening to your customer, actively communicating back important information, and building on that all important and valued relationship?

Design, Develop, Deliver

Make sure your IVR experience is on the same planet as your customers. Your IVR should not be a roadblock to communications that make a connection with customers. If done correctly, a modern IVR platform backed by the right strategy and routing not only improves the customer experience, but you will also see an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs.

When revamping an IVR platform, there are several important steps to take and best practices to leverage that can guide your ultimate strategy. Success also depends greatly on designing an experience that is based on your business and your customer base.  So, make sure you are working with people who know how to implement the right solution for you.

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