proactive communicationMarketers are always looking for the next best thing to set their products and services apart from the competition. Old stand-bys like web advertising, direct mail, email are great – but isn’t that what everyone is doing? What most don’t realize is the value an IVR can bring to your marketing efforts.

As an important access point to customers, the telephone represents a valuable sales channel and an important opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell products and services. Rather than focus strictly on outbound solicitation, marketers are also providing offers and incentives to customers when they call into the contact center. This method is particularly appealing as it requires no action by the customer to hear your message; they are a ‘captive audience’.

Organizations that are focused on managing their customer relationships beyond the initial sale are better able to distinguish themselves from their competitors. For the contact center, this means extending the value of the customer service function to driving enhanced productivity not only through the reduction of costs, but through driving new revenue opportunities.

Some of those opportunities may include:

  • Promotions. Provide targeted, customized promotional messages or special offers to your callers.
  • Upgrades and accessories. Communicate, and give the customer the opportunity to purchase, new versions of, or add-ons to, existing products or services, including warranties.
  • Gift Cards. Provide access to purchase or redeem gift cards without the need for a live agent.
  • Invitations to events. Extend invitations to open houses, special shopping events, or other events hosted by your organization.

To enhance the up-sell or cross-sell process, on-demand or cloud IVR applications and contact center solutions can be designed to interact dynamically with your in-house customer purchasing data. By reaching into a database, the application can identify customers and their individual purchasing histories, triggering an appropriate offer from the application, customizing and personalizing the call experience.

Customer surveys can be used as part of the call process as a way to poll your customers and can often be administered during hold times. These surveys can be used for a variety of market research initiatives, from general customer satisfaction to evaluation of new products or promotions. This use of an IVR solution serves two purposes: it is a subtle way of reducing the perceived hold times and therefore increasing customer satisfaction. It also provides you with valuable marketing data for your organization.

From store locator services to order status to gift card redemption, an effective IVR solution can automate many standard customer inquiries while at the same time extending the value of your brand – even while you are not there. These solutions can also front-end your call center, helping regulate call length and issue resolution, promoting a positive customer experience.

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