Hiking ROIThe old Chinese proverb, “the journey is the reward” essentially means that if we enjoy our journey, our lives will gain meaning. This proverb holds true in so many aspects of our lives, including business.

The technologies of the past decade, such as social media and smart phones to name a few, have empowered customers to dictate the terms of their journey. Customers expect prompt, personalized, and effortless experiences across all channels with response times now measured in minutes.

Experience It As Your Customer Would

Organizations that have acknowledged this shift in customer expectations realize that customer experience has become the competitive differentiator. With the commoditization of products and services, the experience you deliver is oftentimes just as important, if not more so, than the products and services you provide.

But when it comes to the experience organizations create for their customers, they go about it in the wrong way. They focus is on the individual interactions or touchpoints. This usually is a reflection of the siloed organizational structure, alignment, and operations.

Organizations fail to put themselves in the place of the customer to see what customers experience and truly want. The customer experience is beyond a single touchpoint. It is an end-to-end customer journey that spans all touchpoints over time.

Change the Focus to Customer Journeys

Best-in-class companies optimize customer journeysAccording to the CEO Guide to Customer Experience from the McKinsey Quarterly, even when organizations deliver a great customer experience on a specific touchpoint, the overall experience can still disappoint. More importantly, McKinsey research finds that customer journeys show a significantly stronger correlation with business outcomes than touchpoints.

Transform the Contact Center for an Omnichannel Customer Journey

Vodafone Germany is a perfect example of an organization that has transformed its contact center to focus on the end-to-end, omnichannel customer journey rather than the individual touchpoint. As the second largest telecommunications provider in Germany, Vodafone has a virtualized contact center infrastructure that includes 10 locations and more than 8,000 agents, handling 18 million monthly interactions across multiple channels and touchpoints.

Along with the proliferation of digital touchpoints required to be where customers are, came added complexity in delivering a great experience across all channels, digital and voice. Vodafone understood that to address growing customer expectations and meet SLAs, it needed to update its use of technology, people, and processes. This meant moving away from the siloed infrastructure and approach that had led to a fragmented experience for both employees and customers. It is impossible to provide consistent service without managing it from an omnichannel journey perspective. The resulting business outcomes showed significant improvements in customer experience along with operational savings.

To learn more about how to make “the journey the reward” for a great customer experience, join Jörg Knoop, Head of Contact Centre and Telesales Capabilities, Vodafone, for a webinar titled, Omnichannel Customer Engagement: From Vision to Results on Wednesday, December 7, 2016.

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