tcpaThis weekend as I spread mulch, I came upon an area of my garden heavily infested with garden ants. As you may or may not know, ants create quite a disruption, destroying the fruits of your backyard labor. While I contemplated my plan of action, I stared at the swarm of ants going about their business. As the ants became bigger and more aggressive, I thought of TCPA lawsuits, and how they are also growing in number and strength.

While there are many legitimate TCPA cases, there are as many that are not.  Getting on the wrong side of a class action lawsuit can be disruptive to both businesses and individuals, distracting you from your real work.  As the FCC continues to clarify its rules, it enables us to continue our gardening.

In a February 2012 post I commented on the then newly-released FCC Report and Order. One of its key provisions will take effect October 16, 2013: entities not governed under the Federal Trade Commission must obtain prior express written consent from the contacted party before placing an automated prerecorded or pre-written telemarketing communication to a wireless phone number.  The same applies for making a prerecorded telemarketing call to a residential phone number.

Obtaining this express written consent from consumers has the potential to limit some of these class action lawsuits, which, like containing my ant infestation, will put many organizations’ minds at ease.

Now is the opportunity to gain the opt-in consent of your customers, specifically their express written consent, so you can continue to deliver sales and marketing calls and text messages. This key step can save you time, money, keep you compliant with the FCC and most importantly, keep your customers happy.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on designing an impactful opt-in program that will allow you to meet the express written consent requirements and build a powerful mobile opt-in database that you can leverage in your future engagement strategies.

John Tallarico

John Tallarico

As Vice President of Outbound Solutions at Genesys, John is responsible for the strategic evolution and delivery of the Genesys Outbound engagement solution across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments. His responsibility includes delivering products, features, and functionality for multi-channel outbound...