Genesys Executive PerspectiveToday is a fitting occasion to recognize customer service heroes who live customer experience in everything they do.  They’re the front-line in our customer acquisition and retention efforts, the difference between keeping and losing a customer — often the unsung heroes of the brand.  They show up in contact centers and help desks, retail environments and field service trucks, representing nearly every industry everywhere business is transacted around the world.

According the US Department of Labor, customer service workers represent over 5 percent of the working population.  As consumers connect more screens and applications — we need to take stock of how central the customer experience really is in the Enterprise.  And ask ourselves if we’re truly living CX, or relegating it to something we expect from a department or a few employees.

At Genesys, one of our core values is to ‘live CX every day.’  That value doesn’t apply only to the Customer Service organization, but to every employee of the company, every day of the year.  We’ve built that core value into how we measure Net Promoter Score in our Customer Care and Professional Services organizations, and into how we respond to customers the moment we see an issue.  Living CX every day has inspired employees to bring new CX innovation into the corporate lexicon.  Our Engineering teams declared a ‘zero defects’ manifesto for our software.  Product Management completely redesigned the Genesys User Experience to give customers simpler and more intuitive interfaces.  Sales and Marketing overhauled our sales process to align better with customer buying journeys.  Legal and Finance simplified our contracts.  HR changed how and whom we recruit.

Most importantly, living CX every day is literally living CX, which becomes visible in the daily individual acts of Genesys employees around the world.  People like Mary Nardone who has helped the State of Michigan’s Department of Human Services Office of Child Support authenticate over three-fourths of the callers that contact the agency for state benefits, sixty-five percent above the agency’s goal.  Anne Sullivan whose dedication at eBay earned her kudos for ‘unbridled enthusiasm and dedication’ to the Genesys deployment.  Carlos Meneses for his work with the US Postal Service, called out for his ‘extreme professionalism.’  Diane Turner for her partnership with Vodacom in South Africa, whom the customer credits with their repurchase of Genesys.  Chris Doyle for his leadership of our Cloud Customer Care teams, cited for ‘embedding customer success in everything he does.’  Tim Smith, whom Fidelity refers to as their ‘trusted CX advisor.’  Johannes Linnman for earning those same kudos from ING.  And the list goes on.

Our measure for whether or not we live up to our CX values is in where we see CX leadership showing up.  For Genesys that isn’t just in the ‘C-suite’ — but is rooted in the everyday acts and ideas of employees across every department and function of the company.   We haven’t figured it all out.  We have a lot of work to do.  But we have made the leap to ‘living CX’ from merely talking about it, and our customers and employees are all the better for it.

Paul Segre

Paul Segre

Paul Segre is the chief executive officer at Genesys. Since taking on this position in 2007, he has led the company to consistent yearly double-digit growth and revenues of over $1 billion. Paul joined Genesys in 2002 as chief technology...