Genesys G-Force MelbourneG-Force Melbourne is officially underway! It’s our fourth G-Force of 2013 and this time we are exploring how companies are making the customer experience personal in the Asia Pacific region.

G-Force is all about customer success, and this year the momentum is stronger than ever. We welcomed nearly 800 attendees to the APAC event, representing more than 210 companies from 16 countries. We’ve heard from leading companies and organizations from across the region, including Telstra, Starhub, Australia’s Department of Human Services, National Australia Bank, New Zealand’s Meridian Energy, as well as TicketMaster from the US and the Royal Bank of Canada – all of whom shared their customer experience successes and best practices.

As mobile devices are on-track to reach 7.4 billion units by the end of the year – more than the population of the earth for anyone that is counting – delivering an efficient, cross-channel customer experience continues to be a top focus for companies and government organizations across the globe.  Long gone are the days of a single channel contact center. Now, we need to make personal connections with our customers and we need to do it over the channel they choose.  When it comes down to it – it’s all about connecting the customer to the right person, over the right channel at the right time.

With this in mind, I challenged the G-Force audience in Melbourne to start talking to their customers again. Making that connection to the right person and enabling the human touch is how companies today can make the customer experience personal. At Genesys, we are bringing the human touch back to customer service, and we are doing it by enabling companies to create engaging 1 to 1 customer experiences – across all channels and touch points.

But, what’s in it for those that invest in the technology and best practices to make it happen. In short, it comes down to more profits and more loyalty. Here at G-Force, we also heard from renowned author and inventor of the Net Promoter System, Fred Reichheld, who discussed the power of NPS to transform customer loyalty and financial results.  This requires leveraging metrics that measure customer-focused business outcomes, rather than accounting or traditional contact center metrics.  It may seem radical, but NPS has grown from adoption by just two companies to adoption by thousands worldwide today.  Why? It’s simple: loyalty leaders grow 2.6x faster than their competitors. Making the customer experience personal makes customers love your company. And when they do, they not only keep coming back, but they also recommend you to friends and family.

customer success ebook offerAre you ready to start talking to your customers again? If you’d like to see more on how leading companies from across the globe are making the customer experience more personal, while increasing profitability at the same time, check out our latest Customer Success eBook.

If you missed G-Force this time around, the team and I really hope to see you in 2014!

Paul Segre

Paul Segre

Paul Segre is the chief executive officer at Genesys. Since taking on this position in 2007, he has led the company to consistent yearly double-digit growth and revenues of over $1 billion. Paul joined Genesys in 2002 as chief technology...