marks & spencer customer experienceWhen a retailer takes customer experience to heart, they understand what it takes to keep customers happy and loyal in order to build a high-value brand that will see them through to the next century. And that is exactly what Marks & Spencer, a 130-year old British multi-national retailer specializing in home products, clothing, and luxury food items, has done. Simply put, Marks & Spencer have created, built, and sustained a brand that has thrived for more than a century, adapting to changes in technology, shopping habits, and customer expectations. This past summer at our G-Force London event, we had the honor of being joined on stage by Kevin Long, Senior IT Delivery Lead at Marks & Spencer, who shared their story around moving to a single contact center platform to optimize the customer experience.

An organization of Marks & Spencer’s size, which has 766 U.K. and 416 international stores, as well as an expanding e-commerce business, knows about adapting to change. But the challenge that Marks & Spencer faced was more internal: they had a contact center that was spread across both internal and external entities, utilizing a mix of on-premise platforms and off-site partners to efficiently deal with the peaks and valleys of the retail world. Marks & Spencer valued their customers and wanted to maintain their strong brand value and heritage, while undergoing a major contact center modernization project to create a better, more agile and flexible supply chain, including an e-commerce distribution center. They decided to look at how best to serve their customers through their contact center using a single customer experience platform.

For Marks & Spencer, a key goal was to find a platform and partner that could maintain and extend the key brand value they were founded upon in the late 1800’s, which has become the buzzword of today – customer experience.

Moving to a single platform, serving both their outsourced and in-house contact centers with full voice over IP, their order management service, as well as their website, now delivers the power and control for Marks & Spencer to gain better performance visibility and servicing flexibility to continue delivering the world-class Marks & Spencer customer experience.

At G-Force, Kevin Long, who headed up the platform integration project, sat down with us to discuss what it took to get the Genesys Customer Experience platform into place, the metrics they are now able to derive, and the benefits achieved over a tight deadline. Take a look:

They say everything old is new again – but delivering excellent customer experience never goes out of style.

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Rachael Royds

Rachael Royds

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