Benvenuto! Shalom! Welcome! Willkommen! Hola!  No matter the language or how you say welcome, it makes the recipient feel at ease, relaxed and accepted.  A friendly greeting to your new customers starts your relationship on the right foot and sets the stage for a much happier customer experience throughout the journey. The Financial Services, Travel and Leisure, Automotive, Utilities, Retail, and Telecommunications industries are all moving to an automated, proactive delivery of welcome notifications as a best practice.

Good CXIn today’s mobile world, welcoming customers is increasingly a multi-channel campaign being delivered via smartphone instead of by mail.  Smartphones can immediately receive a SMS message, outbound voice response, or email that can explain more about the company or service, ask about communication preferences, and offer instructions on additional benefits. In fact, text is becoming the most popular channel for delivery with statistics showing 98% of all text messages are opened.

Take Financial Services for instance: a credit card gets sent to a customer via the mail, and the card stays in the envelope and lands in a stack of the customer’s mail to activate at a later time.  As time passes, the customer may forget about it but the credit card company hasn’t – they are losing potential revenue by not having the card activated and also want to ensure that the customer received the card to prevent fraud.  In this case, a p -droactive welcome message can be sent to customers via SMS message to ask the customer if they received the card, verify that they have it in their possession, and activate it though an interactive mobile messaging dialogue or include a hyperlink to a mobile website where they can securely log into their account.

The Travel and Leisure industry provides another prime example: A customer has booked a family holiday trip with an airline and signed up to receive SMS updates.  The airline may notify them via a welcome message of a hotline to keep handy for flight changes, weather updates, or upgrade opportunities as part of their loyalty program. All of these notifications provide a personalized greeting that will go a long way if that family should arrive at the airport and find their flight was delayed.

Another industry that we have worked with extensively for welcome notifications is Telecommunications. Whether it is cell phone, internet or television service, the Telcom industry is one of the most competitive, often with the highest customer churn.  For example, one of our clients – a leading US telco – had a segment of its subscriber base purchasing prepaid mobile phones.  When a customer phone was purchased and activated, a welcome message was sent via SMS.  That message not only served as the traditional welcome to the company but sent simple instructions on phone activation and select features and functionality. This messaging educated the customer, and reduced the number of inbound calls into their contact center.

In today’s competitive world, customer experience is often the key differentiator, determining if customers stay with brands. Success starts by proactively welcoming new customers in their language of choice, and in the communication channel that best suits them.  They will appreciate it!

Rachael Royds

As Director of Social Media Marketing at Genesys, Rachael leads the Genesys social media strategy globally for marketing, corporate communications, and employee advocacy. Rachael brings over 10 years of experience in B2B, B2C, and non-profit marketing. She previously held marketing...