retailIn 2013, retail customers expect to have easy access to information from businesses – whether that is product information, customer service or incentives.  In turn, reatilers are presented with an opportunity to provide a personalized customer experience, increase engagement and ultimately, gain greater brand loyalty.  So how do retailers capitalize on this? The answer is in your back pocket, literally: smartphones.

With 155.1 million people in the U.S. using smartphones, retailers that don’t take advantage of engaging with shoppers through their iPhones or Androids are missing out. And as it turns out, mobile may encourage consumers to spend more than their favorite shopping buddy. According to the Google Shopper Marketing Council, 79 percent of smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers and 1 in 3 shoppers are more likely to use their smartphone to find information instead of asking a store employee. The study also found that shoppers using their smartphones for:

  • Price comparison (53 percent)
  • Finding offers and promotions (39 percent)
  • Finding locations of other stores (36 percent)
  • Finding hours (35 percent)

In many cases, customers are more likely to seek further info on a product by pulling out their smartphone as they are to scour the aisles for a sales assistant to ask.  If a customer is at her favorite clothing store, for example, and can’t easily find a sales assistant, they’re likely to turn to the retailer’s mobile app. To ensure a positive customer experience and meet the customer on the channel of their choice, retailers must be able to deploy multi-channel customer support in real-time with technology such as voice-activated self-service apps. Offering speech-based virtual assistant capabilities via existing iOS and Android mobile apps empowers shoppers with the ultimate on-demand shopping buddy.

Offering real-time customer support is a win-win for both retailers and customers: stores are able to deepen customer engagement and shoppers experience a positive interaction with the retailer. Contact us today to learn more about how to encourage further customer engagement and take advantage our self-service voice solution.