mobile marketingThis week, I will be presenting in a webinar with Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Julie Ask on making your customers raving fans of your mobile marketing solutions. Like in baseball, the way to keep fans happy is to keep winning, and how the coaches’ win is by constantly building their strategy and team. Below are three ways to keep building your mobile strategy:

1. Build an “all in” company-wide mobile strategy

Like any other major component of the customer experience, mobile merits its own strategy, spanning the enterprise. Organizations can begin by taking a closer look at their goals and how mobile, and specifically mobile marketing, can best support them. Concurrent with strategic development, organizations need to assemble the resources to support mobile marketing, including database development and tool selection. Careful thought should be given to how best to approach consumers to achieve their opt-in and allay any concerns they may have regarding privacy, control, and security.

2. Build your customer mobile opt-in database

Mobile marketing success requires a carefully-developed and compliant database of willing participants. Many organizations are still feeling the effects of the October 16th federal regulation changes that impacted their mobile marketing databases in the US. Working with an experienced vendor, you can pursue a variety of strategies to build (or re-build) the opt-in database. As you do, remember that mobile marketing works best and delivers a higher ROI when consumers give their express written consent to participate in the program and are allowed to control the kinds of communication they receive.

3. Build a method for measuring and analyzing mobile programs

Mobile marketing lends itself especially well to efforts that measure and analyze results, and that use the findings to develop and refine programs for greater success. It’s a tool that engages and interacts directly with each consumer, providing more opportunities for more detailed, specific, and useful feedback. And because preference management capabilities give each customer more control over how, when, and where that interaction occurs, brands can zero in on strategies and techniques that prove more effective.

If you are not coming to the game with these necessary “builds”, like in baseball you will be striking out in your overall mobile strategy.  And you know what they say . . . three strikes and you’re out!

Learn more about building mobile strategies and trends to watch for in 2014 join me at our webinar February 27, 2014 at 1pm ET, Create Raving Fans with Must-Have Customer Experience and Mobile Marketing Solutions.