The Generation of Users Who Want to Use Their Smart Devices

We’re seeing it in study after study: more and more people want to communicate with enterprises using their mobile devices: in some cases, well over 50%. And they don’t want to talk with just anyone, either. This is the generation of users who want to use their smart devices, browsers or native applications to inquire, get information and otherwise interact with the enterprise.

Result in Higher Overall Customer Satisfaction

Contact centers urgently need to respond to this trend by diversifying the channels they use to communicate with their customers. Giving customers the option to interact with the contact center via their smart device will allow them to interact the way they choose and result in higher overall customer satisfaction. Moreover, maintaining context for these interactions will provide customers with the option to change their desired interaction channel based on where they are in the dialog with the contact center. A data request or a web search could be escalated to a chat session or even a call all within the same interaction, while maintaining all of the interaction context.

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