Customer JourneyDelivering great customer experiences is critical to your business. With digital transformation radically changing customer expectations and increasing the ways customers connect to your business, you can no longer engage customers one channel at a time. A holistic approach is needed to drive great outcomes.

Today’s digital customers each create their own journeys as they research, select, buy and consume our products and services. These journeys take place across multiple touchpoints over time as customers choose to move forward using their preferred channels. Far too often, these journeys come across as random and fragmented when multiple company touchpoints overlay multiple siloed departments and business systems. Traditional ‘system of record’ IT systems, such as CRM, can’t keep pace with the rapid evolution of consumer-facing technologies. This results in businesses being forced to add new channels as free-standing engagement silos to keep up with evolving customer expectations – all serving to fragment the customer experience. The resulting disconnected journeys are both frustrating for customers and costly for companies.

We know from industry research by McKinsey that companies that focus on customer journey optimization on average see 10-15% higher revenue growth, 20% higher customer satisfaction and 15-20% lower cost to serve customers. The stock market backs up this value creation with CX leaders driving a 77% total return over the past seven years while CX laggards actually fell 2.5% in value. Clearly, customer experience execution matters a great deal.

Leading companies design and manage optimized customer journeys that benefit both the customer and the company. Journey design includes cross-touchpoint activity (for example, moving from web to contact center), the use of multiple channels within each touchpoint (for example, letting customers choose their preferred channel and supporting multimodal interactions) and the use of proactive notifications (reminders and status updates) – all to shape customer behavior, reduce customer effort and improve operational efficiency. While designing the experience is important, orchestrating, monitoring and continuously optimizing customer engagement across the journey is also critical to delivering results. For many companies, innovating the customer experience is one of the few areas left for sustainable differentiation.

One of the most effective tactics to combat fragmented customer experiences is to leverage a common CX platform as your system of engagement, a system of systems that spans and unifies the multiple fronts for customer engagement, including the contact center, web, mobile, social, marketing, sales, front office and back office. You can then use the common platform to employ proactive CX design practices like journey mapping to get your organization ahead of the curve. This was affirmed by the CX leaders who joined the Genesys G-Summit in Dallas earlier this month, who listed three critical success factors for delivering great CX:

  1. Get your organization aligned behind delivering a great customer experience
  2. Adopt a phased approach starting with small and iterative steps
  3. Build towards delivering omnichannel, personalized customer journeys.

Customer Journey Mapping eBook
To help clarify journey mapping as a CX design practice and demonstrate how to make it actionable for your organization, we’ve just released a new eBook titled, Journey Mapping: An Outside-in Approach to Delivering Great Customer Experiences that covers:

  • What’s a customer journey and how does it help you get outside-in?
  • What’s journey mapping and how is it employed to improve the customer experience?
  • Where to start? What’s the Genesys approach to CX design?
  • How do you create actionable next steps from journey insights to get started within your organization?

Genesys-Twitter-AltimeterTW ImageWhen you’re ready to go deeper, I also heartily recommend checking out a thought provoking report from the Altimeter Group on delivering effortless omnichannel customer experiences, How to Transform Digital Customer Experiences for the Connected Customer. Happy CX designing!

Chris Horne

Chris Horne

Chris Horne has been in the software industry for more than 20 years, building and marketing products for enterprise content management, business process automation, cloud management and enterprise customer engagement. Serving in various roles within startup ventures such as RightScale...