ibeacon mobile smartphone September has been crazy with mobile news with the iPhone 5 and iOS6 taking the lead.

Since mobile customer experience has been a big focus for us recently, we’ve enjoyed following and participating in the events and announcements from SpeechTEK to Dreamforce.

After all of these events and launches, we’re excited to see a few promising trends in the mobile space:

Mobile is powering transactions

You can’t ignore the fact that the mobile industry is evolving quickly. As devices and apps are constantly being introduced to the marketplace, mobile retail and transactions are quickly picking up speed. Mobile devices are executing more transactions daily with a projection that mobile sales may reach $10 billion this year according to KC Ifeanyi. Plus, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire makes purchasing content more intuitive and is considered “less a tablet and more of a tool for shopping,” according to Tim Stevens at Engadget. These features and snazzy new devices are paving the way for mobile transactions to continue to develop and improve for both consumers and businesses.

Businesses – it’s time to get involved with mobile

As customers become more attached to mobile devices, businesses are moving operations to mobile platforms with the goal of reaching more customers while simultaneously making their experience more enjoyable. Since customers are already on their phones, they are using more social channels to communicate with companies. “The social revolution is a trust revolution,” said Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com in his keynote at Dreamforce. Benioff explained the need for businesses to develop new applications to talk to customers to improve customer experience. Creating applications that allow customers to intuitively interact via a mobile phone is crucial to the future of business operations as many mobile retail sites are subpar compared to ones accessed on a PC or laptop.

How are customers communicating? Voice

Now that customers are directly connecting with businesses through mobile apps, they are using their voice in every sense of the word. Developing voice-enabled apps is the newest trend. Panelists from T-Mobile and Sidecar talked about how voice is a killer app and how it can work with all the services on a mobile phone to provide the best customer experience.  In the near term, apps will have the capability to converse with users in the most natural way possible. To be truly successful, new apps will need to empower customers to interact with businesses when they want, where they want, and now, how they want.

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