contact centerFor many organizations the thought of ripping out and replacing a piece of technology that has been supporting the call center for so long is almost unthinkable.

For many, the ACD has been the bedrock for routing customers calls since the beginning of the call center era as we now know it. But the time has come to think the unthinkable, to consider moving off of this legacy platform that was designed for the call center to one that is designed for today’s modern multichannel contact center.

Analyst firm Ovum recently presented research that shows 74% of consumers use 3 or more channels to engage with an organization – and when they do they can spend up to 3 times more with your company. Yet, if these contacts are being managed by different customer engagement or contact center platforms then the customer experience will not be consistent across channels and the cost to serve will of course be significantly higher.

Surprisingly, the trend towards more customer contact channels is not causing the volume traditional voice calls to drop. Recently, a UK Telco decided that it cannot justify the expenditure on new channels based on call reduction as there is no evidence that it actually deflects any calls. They concluded that it’s got to be about managing the customer in which ever channel they choose to use when it’s right for them.

For companies taking a multichannel approach that manages all customer interactions as one seamless conversation, the ACD is now an outdated piece of technology, whether on TDM or IP. It’s also an expensive one to keep and maintain too, almost like still having a mainframe computer.

The good news is that there is an alternative that will enable this broader, seamless approach to multichannel engagement. You can learn more about it in on OnDemand webinar where you’ll find out how you to:

  1. Enable a multichannel customer engagement environment
  2. Understand and manage the cross-channel conversation and improve the customer experience
  3. Increase the efficiency of your customer sales and service operations
  4. Lower the Total Cost of Ownership for operating both the voice and non-voice contact channels

Watch our webinar to learn more, “It’s Time to Replace Your Old Call Center ACD? What Are Your Next Steps?

Brendan Dykes

Brendan Dykes

Brendan has over 25 years of experience in the customer service industry, in both business and technical roles. This broad experience has allowed him to see first-hand the importance for both customers and organizations of delivering consistent omnichannel customer experiences....