Genesys WebinarThe adoption of multichannel contact centers continues to accelerate, driven by the growth of social and mobile channels, and by the imperative that companies put the customer experience first. In addition to the traditional channels—including voice, email, text, chat, and the Web—newer channels are arriving and the objective for companies is to deliver a seamless customer experience across all channels.

Looking a little deeper, the goals associated with this objective include: Creating a better experience for the customer, reducing times to resolution; deepening relationships; strengthening loyalty — all of which ultimately lead to more sales opportunities and higher revenues.

Multchannel CX and the Mid-Sized Company — A Technical View

The mobile world is modifying every business, and every business process – for both large enterprise and mid-size companies alike. Regardless of company size, customers expect to be able to communicate with you anytime and from anywhere, on their smart phones and tablets, as well as their fixed lines. At the same time, social media is also changing the ways in which people communicate, engage and interact with companies.

Multichannel adoption is indeed tied to changing consumer behaviors but technology improvement also play a major role in improving CX and speeding adoption by both customers and companies. These include:

  • The adoption of cloud contact center solutions
  • The availability of ‘all-in-one’ software-based solutions
  • The addition of mobile and social capabilities to customer experience platforms
  • Big data analytics

Give Customers What They Want — The Consumer View

A multi-channel contact center delivers a truly consistent customer experience, so that regardless of how the client contacts the company — by phone, text, web, chat, or social media, and on any device — the customer receives the same level of high-quality experience.

And now, in particular thanks to cloud-based solutions, even mid-sized businesses can use multi-channel contact centers to jump on new business opportunities, improve marketing campaigns, differentiate with a stellar customer experience and reduce customer effort.

Key Elements of a Multichannel Contact Center

Multichannel contact centers must include traditional voice, IVR, email, chat and the Web, as well as newer social and mobile interactions and associated management tools:

What to Look for in a Multichannel Contact Center Solution?

Despite the motivation to deliver multichannel journeys, mid-size organizations often face challenges as they try to improve the customer experience. These usually relate to the need for more IT resources, lack of organizational support, the gap between consumer desire and technology, application silos, and cost.

By choosing the right cloud-based multichannel contact center solution, you will overcome these challenges and dramatically benefit from creating a cross-functional, multichannel customer experience. You will also be able to drive more sales opportunities and higher revenues while reducing customer effort.

Attend and learn more about the key strategies for multichannel success at our webinar with Frost and Sullivan on April 2 titled Multichannel Customer Experience: The Next Battleground for Mid-sized Businesses.

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Remy Claret

Remy Claret

Remy Claret, Product Marketing Director at Genesys, has over 15 years of experience in Customer Experience Management. He has worked in a variety of strategic roles in his career including Product Marketing, Sales Engineering and Business Consulting. Prior to joining...