multichannel customer serviceEtisalat, an Egyptian mobile telecoms provider, has carved-out market dominance in what is a highly competitive space by differentiating itself through the quality and innovation of its customer service operations. Etisalat differented itself through the quality and innovation of its multichannel customer service operations including mobile, and video chat. Let’s take a quick look at two areas in-particular:

Mobile customer engagement

One primary challenge for Etisalat was to minimize the number of defaulting customers – easier said than done. SMS alerts weren’t always an option. Etisalat solved the problem with a smart outbound campaign which reduced defaults by 70% (or 100 million euros per year)! A great case for proactive engagement.

Incorporating video chat

Video chat has been discussed for years but relatively few companies have actually successfully implemented it. Etisalat decided that innovating with video chat served its strategic objectives to challenge its market competitors Orange and Vodafone.

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