Genesys Contact Center UXAt Genesys, we are all about connecting customers to the right person at the right time – across any channel. But, it’s what happens after that connection is made that usually makes or breaks the customer experience. And it typically comes down to the action that the agent takes – or is empowered to take.

The fact is that contact center staff are often more committed to helping customers resolve issues than the companies that they are actually employed by. They often go above and beyond the call of duty and perform heroic acts to help meet the customer’s need.

To improve the lives of agents, supervisors and managers, and to help them perform better, we recently embarked on a mission that we called the UX Revolution. Our goal was to build beautiful and powerful user-centered tools by placing the user experience at the heart of our product development lifecycle.

When we embarked on this mission at the beginning of the year, we established a firm set of guiding principles for the new Genesys user experience:

  1. Be instantly usable and instantly useful – We wanted to deliver a “wow factor” for users by making it easy for the user to connect to relevant content through a beautifully designed and easy-to-use interface.
  2. Provide powerful tools, not more tools – We employed a simple, straightforward approach to our user interface design, avoiding feature overload and giving the user the right data at the right time to better serve customers
  3. Support users with clear guidance – We committed ourselves to providing information that allows users to easily and efficiently identify & solve problems, displaying content in a clear and meaningful way.
  4. Build delight into the detail – We set out to elevate the user experience and find the appropriate moments to deliver a refreshingly simple and enjoyable experience.
  5. Balance sophistication with simplicity – We wanted to build upon the legacy of delivering powerful and robust solutions by bringing unprecedented levels of simplicity to our users.

In addition to the above principles, we continued the time-tested agnostic approach by Genesys, making sure that all our UX products are device agnostic, being able to perform certain tasks on mobile devices or wearables, such as Google glass or smart watches.

I am pleased to tell you that just this week, we announced the new Genesys User Experience (UX). You can read the press release here. You can also get an up close and personal look at the new Genesys user experience and a view into future offerings in the video below, which I first shared at the G-Force events this year.

If you’re interested in an easier and more simple experience on the job, check out the new Genesys UX today!

Merijn te Booij

Merijn te Booij

Merijn te Booij is the chief marketing officer at Genesys. As CMO, Merijn leads the global marketing and product management organization. He is responsible for developing and executing the company’s technology vision, product strategy and go-to-market strategies to drive continued...