Next Generation Customer ExperienceRecently, I had the pleasure of delivering the keynote address at the Next Generation Customer Experience Summit in Austin, Texas. As a follow up to my address, I want to expand on the challenges related to customer experience that large enterprises currently face.

These days, the task of trying to keep up with the grueling pace of technology and evolving customer service demands can feel a bit like the story of Sisyphus, who was forced to push a boulder up a hill for all eternity. As technology continues to speed up and customer expectations skyrocket, many businesses are left struggling to stay afloat while competitors seem to swim effortlessly.

So, what is the secret to keeping up with both technology and customers today? Why are some companies able to thrive while others can barely struggle to keep up? The answer to this problem lies in one critical differentiator: the efficiency and reliability of the customer contact center. For many companies, the majority of customer interactions take place in the contact centerAs a result, the contact center has a direct and powerful effect on the overall customer experience, which in turn affects sales and a company ability to drive loyalty.

As an example of what is required to provide a great customer experience and the role of the contact center, look at Amazon’s new Kindle. As CommuniTech Services CEO Neal Shact pointed out in a recent blog post, the product features a “Mayday” button similar to an emergency button one would find on a hospital bed. According to the company, pushing the button will automatically connect a user with a customer contact center agent in less than 15 seconds—without even having to dial in from a phone. According to Shact, the company has created a new benchmark for customer service. Sound interesting?  Check out Genesys Mobile Customer Engagement with its ability to connect a customer to an agent over a mobile device at the touch of a button – all from within the app.

For a business, the tricky part is acquiring the ability to provide such a caliber of service. It’s one thing to install a button that can directly connect to a customer contact center—it’s quite another to provide a button that links to first-rate customer service agents armed with the latest technology and information to answer questions and offer advice. And trying to piece together a first-rate staff of agents to adequately address customer needs can be challenging enough before factoring in the cost of technology and the never-ending job of staying on top of the latest software and hardware.

How Do You Keep Up? Look to the Cloud!

Today, companies want to take action and they want to do it quickly. But, where do you turn? Many companies are looking to cloud-based contact centers to meet the challenge. Businesses can rest assured knowing that their customers will be looked after by agents with all of the latest intelligence, tools and services like personalized call information, CRM and customer data history. Along with this will come at lower cost and with a faster time to deploy.

If you’re looking to speed things up in your contact center, now is the time to consider the cloud. For more information, check out our whitepaper on the 10 Things to Consider When Moving Your Large Contact Center to the Cloud.

Thanks for reading!