NPSFor decades, inbound call traffic ruled the roost for contact centers who focused on customer service and managing customer relationships.  The old-school business principle was if there was an issue that needed to be resolved, the customer would initiate the interaction with your business.  If the company wasn’t contacted, then life must be good.  Therefore, customer interactions were dominated through inbound volume – accounting for 99% of all conversations.

Today, there are shifting winds blowing in customer experience management as organizations are looking heavily at customer surveys, online forums, and social media. Net Promoter Score (NPS) has gained a lot of traction with customer-centric companies and organizations, such as cable providers, who understand the need to ensure customers have an engaging experience – with every interaction.  The outreach to identify and follow up with unsatisfied customers and detractors has created a shift in the contact model. Studies show that outbound calling now accounts for a larger portion of the call volume.

For companies, the ability to quickly communicate with customers across channels or through multiple channels, within a single conversation or interaction provides strategic advantages to organizations focused on delivering great customer experiences. We have had great customer success with those who are utilizing our cloud dialer channel with a live agent to reach detractors. For example, if you deliver a three-question NPS survey via text to the customer and they respond with a negative score range, you can quickly salvage that customer by placing out a dialer call that connects the customer to a live agent who can give personal attention to the customer’s problem and rectify the situation.

However, simply identifying detractors does not “mind the gap” when the real goal is related to influencing future behavior such as increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn. Having a cloud dialer platform allows for predefined customer contact strategies wrapped within automation that can deliver a low-scoring NPS detractor directly to a live agent.  This could be presented in real time or after a set time period, such as a day.  The agent voice portal contains all the account/consumer details and the agent can launch a call to that individual.  The agent portal can be enhanced with customized agent scripting.  Based on the program that detractor is related to, the agent then has the language and customer details necessary to ensure the best possible chance is given to the representative to appeal to that customer.

Are you interested in learning more about how we can take your surveys multichannel, and increase your current NPS survey results? If so we invite you to download our whitepaper entitled “Drive More Valuable Customer Experience With Proactive Engagement Across the Life Cycle“.