customerMany organizations have worked tirelessly to develop, run, and analyze survey programs and methodologies, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), to gather customer feedback. Whether the results are favorable or not, the responses create new opportunities to further engage with customers.  But are brands taking this opportunity to convert detractors and nurture promoters?  Results from our recent survey might surprise you.

We posed the following question to members of several NPS-related LinkedIn groups:  When you survey your customers, how often do you follow up with them regarding their positive or negative responses?  

contact centerA little over half of respondents, 53%, told us that they always follow up with customers who take their surveys, whether the answers given were negative or positive. That being said, one key component of NPS is that it highlights both promoters and detractors, and 27% of Linkedin survey respondents follow-up only to negative feedback and scoring (detractors).

Genesys has written previously about how a real-time response from a live agent is key to closing the loop with detractors, but I was surprised that these survey respondents were overlooking valuable opportunities to nurture their highest scoring customers (promoters). By ignoring the customers that love them most, these organizations are missing out on ways to encourage word of mouth or social media referrals, upsell products or services to increase revenue, and ultimately strengthen loyalty.

How much are these promoters potentially worth?  JetBlue found that customers who are promoters are worth $33 above the average customer value, and that every 5 promoters leads to 2 new customers. Clearly nurturing these happy customers does have value, both monetarily and from a customer experience stand point.

If you aren’t following up with your promoters, here are 4 easy ways to close the loop with your best customers:

  • Strengthen Relationships: Send a simple thank you note to the customer for their response.  Letting a customer know you are listening to their feedback is key to a positive customer experience.
  • Upsell: Capitalize on the customer’s recent positive experience to offer them additional goods or services in a receptive atmosphere.
  • Reward Their Loyalty: Ask them to opt-in for a mobile campaign or to join a loyalty program so you can continue to nurture and delight these happy customers.
  • Leverage Your Brand Advocates: Tom Smith, a B2B professional, asks his top promoters if they’ll provide a case study or referral.  For B2C marketers, ask your advocates to write an online testimonial via Yelp or one of the social channels.  Asking promoters to participate in public-facing marketing efforts escalates them to revered status.

Interested in implementing a cross-channel, closed-loop survey program in your organization?

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