ROIAround 2005, was faced with a decision. Having experienced steady growth in the past eight years, their IT and customer care organizations were beginning to experience some strain.

They decided to make changes, and they turned to Genesys | Echopass.

Added Flexibility and Streamlined Customer Service

One area of change was to add flexibility. The previous contact center infrastructure relied on outsourcing extra agents during the high-volume holiday shopping period. Incorporating the cost and consistency of those resources was a challenge.’s desire was to switch to a more flexible model – one that could seamlessly handle their seasonality and growth.

Another area of change was agent efficiency in customer interactions. Their previous contact center infrastructure could distribute incoming calls, but could not necessarily match callers with the most appropriate agent. Agents also had trouble locating customer information they needed in the back-end database.’s desire was to streamline customer service and make information easier to locate.

Better Use of IT and Staff Resources

Beyond customer care, also wanted to make better use of their IT and staff resources. Since their previous contact center infrastructure was hardware-based on premise, required an IT team dedicated solely to managing and maintaining these systems. This was another area of change that would need to be made.

After exploring options, decided to migrate to a cloud-based solution to address their issues, and partnered with Genesys. Since then, the company has experienced significant savings of over 5 million dollars each year in their total cost of ownership (TCO) and ongoing operational system return on investment (ROI).

Additionally, has increased their Net Promoter Score customer satisfaction rankings and achieved a top 5 rating in customer service from the National Retail Federation each of the last 5 years. Genesys has helped to make positive changes in their desired areas, increase their customer satisfaction ratings, and dramatically reduce their overhead costs in the process. If you’d like to learn more about this successful partnership, please feel free to view the complete case study by clicking here.

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