PCI-DSS complianceAs the cloud becomes a mainstream delivery model for technology and services, more and more large enterprises are making their moves into the cloud. With this movement, however, comes many concerns related to the safety of customer information and privacy in a cloud-based model. In fact, it has been reported that since 2005 there have been 610 million customer records exposed through cloud-based security breaches in the U.S. alone.

Large Enterprises Now More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Than Ever

With 130 million forms of malware on the prowl and thousands of new ones created every day, large enterprises are now more vulnerable to cyber attacks than ever. Poor network security, application vulnerabilities and malware proliferation, combined with a lack of strong security policies and procedures necessary for protecting critical information, have led to a multitude of serious exploits against private databases.

Everything Executives Need to Know

The round table discussion on security, geared towards C-Level executives, IT professionals and contact center managers, focused on some key issues that large enterprises must address within their cloud-based contact center environment from a security perspective  – such as PCI-DSS compliance and certification.Since PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance are such hot topics amongst large enterprises today, Genesys has gone a step further in its role as market leader and released a new position paper designed to outline everything executives need to know about staying within the new regulatory guidelines related to security.  Download our whitepaper to learn more, Cloud Applications Security: PCI DSS Guidelines for Cloud Service Providers.