Fotolia_116801652_Subscription_Monthly_MAs August back to school sales heat up, summer starts to wind down and parents prepare for the new school year (silently rejoicing just a little bit). For some, it’s a quick trip to the local office supply store to set the kids up. If someone’s heading off to college, though, the parents are likely pulling out credit cards for plane tickets, moving services, dorm furnishings, internet service, plus books and housing.

If you’re providing these goods or services during peak time, your credit card processing system better be prepared to provide easy, secure card payment transactions. Your business plays a vital role in guarding your customers’ personal information, letting them focus on just the right bedspread, not unintended sharing of personal information resulting from the transaction. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance is something that your contact center can’t take for granted.

Like Study Time, PCI Compliance Isn’t a “Set it and Forget it” Option

If a student goes off to college and doesn’t study, chances are, they’re not going to get a passing grade. A passing grade is key to PCI DSS compliance as well. Any business that processes, stores, or transmits consumer credit cards needs to provide security and maintain compliance. This is an important undertaking in itself, but the complexity increases as PCI compliance standards change.

To avoid the risk of losing your certification, your company’s contact center continually ensures it’s still in compliance by conducting self-assessments. This is true for PCI DSS, as well as payment application data security standard (PA DSS), which focuses on the payment software applications to ensure it complies with PCI Security Standards Council requirements. To avoid having to re-certify or re-audit as PCI standards change, turn to a vendor that has both cloud and on-premises offerings for PCI DSS- and PA DSS-compliant self-service IVR solutions and payment applications. In addition, make sure your vendor evaluates the new rules and tightens up as necessary to comply and prepare for certification audits each year.

Are Your Agents Still Taking Credit Card Numbers Directly from Customers? 

Everyone understands the importance of protecting personal data. We’ve come to expect the companies and brands we share information with will keep it safe and won’t let it be overheard inadvertently or shared maliciously.

Credit card payments should be easy for your customers, but when agents take the information manually, it introduces vulnerabilities. A PCI compliant self-service IVR can help with such agent-assisted calls. At the point during the call when the agent needs to take a payment, the caller can be seamlessly transferred into a self-service IVR environment where they hear a recorded message and perceive the increased level of security for their personal information. The IVR passes the captured credit card and payment details to verify card details and obtain authorization. Once completed, the IVR returns the caller to the agent to complete the call.

The benefits of this method are numerous, including:

  • Increased comfort for the caller
  • Reduced risk from sharing sensitive information with an agent verbally
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Increased customer experience

Stay Safe. Enjoy the Experience. But Stay Safe.

Most parents worry about their child leaving the nest. They want them to experience college life, but maybe just from their dorm room, safe and sound. A great experience and safety aren’t mutually exclusive, though—especially when it comes to engaging with companies for secure IVR payments.

Failing to provide a secure system for IVR payments within the contact center exposes your organization, employees, and customers to significant risk of theft—not to mention, considerable fines.

Are You Up to Speed and Ready for Test Day?

College may not be an effortless experience, but secure IVR payments should be. Avoid losing your customers’ trust or exposing your company to potential cyber attacks. Genesys can help!

Learn more by downloading our executive brief How to Make Contact Center Card Payments Secure and Easy to Manage. It explains how Genesys can help with PCI and PA DSS and how to get your PCI-compliant self-service IVR up and running to deliver great customer experiences.