customer experienceIf you are a fan of Shark Tank on ABC TV Network, then you may remember Plated being featured. Their mission: making it easy to eat well. Each week, Plated delivers a box of fresh seasonal ingredients that are pre-portioned according to recipes the customer chooses. Then it’s up to the customer to whip up fabulous meals according to the recipes. The result: great food with less effort, and you learn new cooking techniques to boot! A recipe for success.

But success isn’t without its challenges.  As with any service-oriented company, you need to ensure your customers are happy with their orders, that those orders are being processed in a a timely manner, and any questions or issues are quickly answered and solved.  Customers want great interactions with your agents, and real-time resolutions to questions and problems.

This means having customer experience solutions that can support agents at every turn and during each call as they handle new orders, changes to orders, wrong orders, duplicate orders, and answers to simple questions. Customer experience solutions are critical for receiving the customer’s call and routing it to the right agent – who can look at the customer’s account history and help them quickly.

Plated is enjoying that loyalty and success. As with many start-ups, the growth of Plated was (and continues to be) rapid. As their customer base grew and word spread about their fresh meals and great customer experience, Plated needed to quickly scale its operations. To keep up with demand and manage customer interactions, Plated selected Zendesk for its beautifully simple UI to handle all customer service ticket creation and processing.

One challenge still remained: how to integrate inbound calls to the customer service team. Enter Genesys.

Through the pre-existing integration between Genesys and Zendesk, Plated now seamlessly takes inbound calls, associates the calls to existing tickets if necessary, and appropriately routes the call to the right customer service representative based on the caller’s needs. Plated used the right solutions to keep their customer experience personalized and responsive.

The results speak for themselves: a 50% decrease in average response time!  Based on the volume of customer communications, Plated previously projected they would need a team of 75 representatives to effectively handle customer service. With the integrated solution, they discovered they could handle the volume efficiently with only 30 representatives.

Learn more about the CX challenges that Plated faced, and how they solved them during our recent webinar Eating Well and Customer Experiences Made Easy – A webinar with Plated.

Todd Metzker, Senior Director of Customer Experience at Plated will join us to share the specifics of how Zendesk and Genesys enable him and his team to deliver great customer experience every day.

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