proactive customer communicationIt is often said that being a parent can be one of the most rewarding parts of life as well as one of the most difficult.  Balancing a full-time job, household chores and prioritizing family is not easy.  That’s why it is not surprising that more than one-fourth of preschool children lack at least one routine vaccination.  Additionally, children who are behind on immunizations are at greater risk of being behind on other preventive services.  So what can healthcare providers do to give parents a hand in keeping up with their family’s health? Pediatric practices can use proactive customer communication solutions, such as Outbound IVR, to provide personalized vaccination reminders.

While the phrase, “proactive customer communications” might stir up images of traditional telemarketing, that isn’t the case when patients are being provided with information they find helpful.  In fact, proactive communications has expanded beyond “old school” telemarketing and now includes multiple channels such as SMS, email, social, mobile and web with traditional Interactive Voice Response platforms to deliver a more complete, end-to-end outbound communications solution. With the ability to reach parents through multiple channels, it is easy to keep up with on-the-go families.

Delivering vaccination reminders for pediatric patients not only offers parents a personalized customer experience, but it also can help healthcare providers stay budget-conscious since key staff members will be able to focus on more strategic tasks. It is also of note that proactive customer communication solutions of today can also be delivered through the cloud, which helps eliminate additional costs for healthcare providers in regards to infrastructure and updates.

Clearly, proactive communications solutions have the potential to be a win-win for both healthcare providers and busy parents. It is important for providers to first ensure they choose a system that makes the most sense for their practice and their patient’s needs.

Our whitepaper titled, “Enriching Your Customer Strategy with Proactive Customer Communications” presents key information on how providers can deliver greater value for an improved customer experience that will ultimately help differentiate themselves from competitors.  Most importantly, our guide can assist healthcare providers in making a strategic decision that will eventually help patients keep their loved ones healthy.


Aaron Wellman

Aaron Wellman is the Product Marketing Offer Lead for Self-Service solutions at Genesys. Aaron came to Genesys with the acquisition of Angel in April, 2013 where he had been with the organization for over 10 years. With a background in...