proactive communicationsWe are seeing one of the worst flu seasons in a decade with national headlines reading like fodder for a medical thriller movie like Monster Flu Hits Early . . . Country Now Experiencing High Levels of Influenza-like-Illness, but unfortunately it is now the flu season and it is very much real.  One of the major differences from a decade ago is the communications channels available to notify people to get their flu vaccinations, and ultimately help thwart the spread of the flu. Instead of costly and wasteful mail alerts, which take weeks to implement and are often not read, organizations can design cost-effective, multi-channel campaigns within days to remind their customer-base about time-sensitive health information and updates.

Many healthcare care providers, pharmacies, and insurance companies already use automated voice messages or outbound IVR, as well as text messaging to prepare for the flu season and can now employ these communications for public health emergency notifications.  Last fall, Genesys handled proactive outbound IVR campaigns for an insurance provider reminding their insured-base about flu shots, locations of clinics, and hours based on their zip codes.  Those with consumer preferences already captured in their databases could use text to assure their messages are being received in the palm of their hands.

Taking advantage of a multi-channel solution to encourage consumers to get a flu vaccine enables you to:

  • Reduce inbound call volumes by proactively calling your customers with a message before they contact you
  • Deliver personalized communications based on geographic location (i.e. neighborhood flu clinics) or customer demographics
  • Educate opted-in audiences via text with links to a map for clinic locations or to online videos about flu prevention
  • Create two-way messaging by offering a text keyword asking for the area zip code, then responding with clinic addresses and times, linking to a map for directions

We are nearing the peak season, but that still means six to eight more weeks of flu season to get through.  As Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino said recently, “The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family is to get the flu shot.” Make this protection easier for your customers by proactively communicating with them across multiple channels.

Learn more about how proactive communications can cure more than just the flu in Enriching Your Customer Experience with Proactive Customer Communications.

Cris Bjelajac

Cris Bjelajac

Cris is a Senior Director of Program Management for the Workforce Optimization product suite. Currently, Cris is concentrating on bringing the Genesys Guru service to market, along with Genesys Interaction Recording, Speech Analytics and Workforce Management Commercialization efforts. Cris came...