proactive web chatToday, billions of global internet users are driving growth in digital sales, support and customer service. As these customers surf the web, they are increasingly looking to connect and chat with the companies from whom they purchase products and services.

As this rise in digital channel usage continues, the dangers of negative word-of-mouth are greatly amplified by the Internet and the power of social networks. Depending on the industry, each time a bad customer experience occurs, the affected customer is likely to tell between five and 10 people they know. Research also shows that as many as 50% of your customers may actually be experiencing problems, even though you may hear from only five percent of them.

Be Proactive – When the Time is Right!

There’s no doubt that online customer engagement and assistance needs to be easy, quick and efficient. But, did you know that live web chat has some of the highest customer satisfaction rates of all customer service channels? If you are not providing proactive web chat today, you are missing out on opportunities to engage with visitors to your web site.

However, web chat invitations should be offered in such a way that the customer is carefully selected and does not feel offended, annoyed or discouraged to further explore your website.

Reduce Customer Effort and Improve the Customer Experience

Proactive chat makes it significantly easier to manage a customer conversation that may stretch across time and multiple touchpoints. Proactive chat solutions that leverage business rules enable you to make real-time customer engagement decisions based on context. In short, you can engage customers at the right moment and with the right representative to achieve the following:

  • Respond quickly to web visits with experienced agents via chat to walk customers through their options or pivot to a co-browsing session when needed.
  • Reduce customer confusion by providing a human resource to answer questions and guide them through their journey to complete their goal.
  • Increase trust through a relevant, low pressure personal touch that is focused on educating and assisting the customer. The agent acts as the trusted advisor.

If you’d like to learn more about reducing customer effort on the web, check out Genesys Proactive Chat for Customer Service. You’ll discover how you can now manage personalized online assistance decisions, map those decisions to individual customer journeys, and share progress information across communication channels.

The results can come in the form of a dramatic decrease in customer effort, while significantly improving overall customer experience.

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Remy Claret

Remy Claret

Remy Claret, Product Marketing Director at Genesys, has over 15 years of experience in Customer Experience Management. He has worked in a variety of strategic roles in his career including Product Marketing, Sales Engineering and Business Consulting. Prior to joining...